You’re List Building, But Can’t Get Traffic?

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This happens to many people. They put up this great blog and they post to it every single day, but for some reason, people just don’t come. Why is that? I mean, your graphics are sweet. You chose a really great niche, where just the right amount of people play. It’s not too competitive. So, what’s the deal here?

Maybe you’re going about it all the wrong way. Here are a few tips:

Create Content that People Want to Read

You really don’t have to be Hemingway to keep a great blog going. When people search for a term, they’re hoping to get something of value to take away with them whether it’s a product or an idea. So, that’s what you have to give them. If you’re not a great writer, but you get by, that’s all people really care about. They want to read something from your heart. What are you passionate about? What can you pour your heart into? The best stuff comes from people who really care about their topics.

But let’s say you hate to write or that you just aren’t great at writing. OK, so not everyone is great at it. Then, you need “blurb” material. You need to pick out great tidbits about your topic and feed it to the crowd in bytes. The very popular blog “Boing, Boing” is a great example of this. People post things they find while surfing online Most of it is pictures, and only a paragraph or blurb is entered to define it. That little bit of writing is easy!

Write for People

I know that marketers stress the search engine optimization thing and maybe, a little too much. I mean, marketers went overboard so often just stuffing posts or articles with keywords that the writing barely made sense. It was annoying and not fun to read at all. And because of this abuse, the keyword density idea is practically dead. Don’t write so that search engines will recognize your work, write so that your readers will recognize, love, enjoy, and recommend your work to other people.

Have a Purpose

How many “angsty all about me” blogs can we take? I mean, people who do nothing but write about what they did during the day and what they ate for breakfast is boring, probably even to them, and that’s why they write it. But who wants to read it? Unless it’s profoundly funny or making some philosophical points about life, that kind of stuff is just useless. Have a point! I mean, what’s your passion? What do you love? That’s what your blog should be built around. Make it the best cooking, parenting, fishing, golfing, or whatever blog there is.

Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to let your audience in on yourself a little. I mean, not everything should be serious. Tell your funny fishing story or break their hearts about how your 1st anniversary dinner failed, though you put your heart and soul in to fixing it for the one you love. Tell people about your successes and your failures. Let them see that a human is really keying in the words, not a robot.

Don’t Sell Too Much

If you read my blog, you’re undoubtedly working at making money online. That’s my life! Of course, it’s my business, but I really live by the principles I teach. It’s my desire for you to learn, take what I have to teach you, and go make a million bucks with it! I want to teach you to fish, not give you one. But in the course of doing that, yes… I sell my own products. But how? In the links on the side of the page. In a small blurb that is hyperlinked or at the end of the post in a short bit of anchor text at the end of every post. Do I say, “Go Buy My First List”? No. Of course I don’t. If I sold a product every time I made a post, what would happen? People would stop reading. Remember that. Your posts shouldn’t be all about selling. They should be about making a connection with people.

These are just a few tips to help you. If you want readers, you have to treat them like people, not mindless electrons floating in the blue nowhere. Your readers want to learn or they want to be entertained. A combination of both is good. Just don’t fall into easy traps that will stifle your progress. Write a blog that people can love and they will come.


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