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List Building Tips With Ezine Advertising

One of the reasons I strongly recommend ezine advertising as a list building tool is because ezines can provide you with super high quality, targeted traffic. What does that mean, exactly? Well, targeted traffic is traffic that is focused in on a particular niche…the same niche that you are in. With targeted traffic you can have a smaller list, or smaller traffic flow coming in to your website, and get better results than massive traffic that doesn’t have a focus.

When you are writing an ad for ezines the first thing you want to realize is what the purpose of the ad is NOT. With an ezine ad you are actually creating a two step process.  

The ad is not meant to generate a sale directly. Ads that are written with sales as their primary goal usually flop!

So what is the purpose of the ezine ad? It is to generate a click! You want people to come to your squeeze page and get on your list.

With a 2-step process you want to get the subscriber curious enough, or give them incentive enough, to take further action…to click on the link and visit your site!

Then, once they are on your site you determine what your next goal is. Of course I will tell you it is to get them to opt-in so you are growing a list. Other people will say at this point the goal is to make a sale…which if they buy and you can get them on your list is cool…other people will tell you their goal is just to get more eyes to read a sales letter.

Bottom line, the point of the ad is to get them to click a link.

So how do you write an ad that gets the click?

There are three parts to an ezine classified ad: the headline, the body and the offer or Call to Action.


I think of the headline as the ad for the ad. The purpose of the headline is to get people to read the rest of the ad. So you want to make your ad stand out. Some ways to do that are:

***Asterisks or Arrows around your headline >>>>

Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In Your Headline


Asterisks above and/or below the headline


Use Power Words

Make it Exciting, Show Enthusiasm without making it too salesy


This is the section between the headline and the call to action and should include:

  • Benefit statements (not features)
  • Short sentences
  • Power words
  • Convey the biggest benefit they will get if they take action
  • What’s In It For Them
  • Bullets are fine, but not required


The Call to Action

This is the purpose of the ad. You want to tell them what to do and why they should. Tell them exactly what they should do.

  • What
  • Why
  • Why NOW
  • What’s In It For Them


Keep in mind the purpose of the ad is the click! If you follow the guidelines here and use this 2-step strategy when writing your ezine ads, you will be able to take advantage of highly targeted traffic and grow your list quickly.

Tellman Knudson is CEO of Overcome Everything. He and his team at The Listbuilding Club are passionate about teaching others the ins and outs of list building and other internet marketing strategies. To learn more from Tellman and the team, visit

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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