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Lead Generation – Getting Students to Think at Internet Scale

Most people don’t think on an Internet scale. With megabyte to terabyte to petabyte to who knows what’s coming next, the Internet is forcing us to think on a much larger scale. In terms of lead generation, this is exactly what we need students to understand… you need a MUCH bigger list than 1,000 people to do make much money online.

This is why you need to start thinking lead generation the minute you touch down. Your first task is to get an autoresponder service, and you should be thinking “online” autoresponder service. Why? It may be a little pricier than buying your own software, but the online services do much more of the work for you. They send out confirmation messages, allow you to broadcast to all of your lists at once, and they house the names and email addresses of everyone who signs up for you. But the biggest benefit is that they have your back if someone claims you’re spamming them. The service can provide the date, time, and IPN address of the person complaining, so that there’s no question that you’re in the right.

The next thing is getting your own domain and hosting account so that you can set up a squeeze page. This is nothing more than a short sales letter, telling people why they should sign up for your list. You might want to include an ethical bribe or a “give away” here so that you’re giving people something of value in exchange for their information. The squeeze page will have a great headline, no more than about three to five bullet points, outlining the benefits of your free offer, and an opt-in box, which you create through your autoresponder service.

Then, you send traffic. Think of every way possible to get people to your squeeze page and signing up for your free offer. You can start a blog, write articles and press releases and on and on. Just keep people coming to the page and signing up for your free offer.

Once you have a list, you want to take care of them. Send them interesting information. Give them things, like special reports, software, or other free offers in your niche that they can use. The key is that they’re gifts in your niche. If you’re in the golfing niche and send people information on quilting, it just won’t work.

But you also want to start marketing to people, and you can do that in your autoresponder follow-up message series. Address a problem that people are having in your niche, and at the end of the message, offer them a product that solves the problem for which you can get an affiliate commission.

Here’s where the size of the Internet comes in… You need a huge list to quit your day job, probably 20,000 people at least. But the bigger your list grows, the more money you’ll make, just playing the odds.

So, the moral of the story is that you need to think in big numbers if you want to make big money. Start building your list right away. To learn how to do that easily is by becoming a member of The ListBuilding Club. Lead generation is our business. Stop by today and sign up so you can start making your list grow.

Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder and well-known for his List Building Club. Tellman teaches students how to build a successful online business. Create your successful business from his step-by-step videos at:


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