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Get Rich Quick – 6 People Who Accidentally Found a Fortune

People think that success online comes quickly, and for some, it may look that way, but in reality, becoming rich takes years of study, time, and effort to make it happen. Here are the bios of six multi-millionaires and a brief glimpse at the foundations they laid before making it big online:

Tellman Knudson:

Tellman was online for two years before hitting it big with List Crusade in 2004. This teleseminar series of interviews with some of the big names in direct marketing and personal development helped him to build a sizable list very quickly. That impetus propelled him to an $800,000 income that year alone. Now, his company has more than 10 employees and makes millions of dollars a year. It has taken five years to build his company to that level.

Shawn Casey:

Shawn comes to online marketing as a lawyer and CEO of some Fortune 500 companies. Yet, his first success was his ebook “Mining Gold on the Internet,” which helped him to achieve success and become a multimillionaire online. But, he wrote that book, which takes aim at all the scams that were existent online at the time, back in 1999. He didn’t become a multi-millionaire overnight.

Mark Joyner:

Mark was a U. S. Army Officer and Cold War Veteran of Military Intelligence. He started online way back in 1995, and is considered to be the father of the ebook. His publication of “Search Engine Tactics” has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Though Mark is also a multi-millionaire, he really started his business when Internet marketing was practically nonexistent.

Matt Bacak:

Matt Bacak had some failures before becoming a success, but he started in business when he was 12 years old. Though his fan base is well over 300,000 people now, he has been an Internet marketer for more than 8 years. He worked very hard to get where he is today.

Alex Mandossian:

Alex has taught more people about teleseminar hosting than anyone else online. However, Alex started his online business back in 1991. In the past 18 years he has made more than $233 million in sales and profits. But Alex came online with a solid business background, and has consulted for some major U.S. businesses, like Dale Carnegie, Pinnacle Care, and 1Shopping Cart to name only three of them. His offline successes propelled him to online success, but it definitely didn’t happen overnight.

Rich Schefren

Rich formed Strategic Profits in 2004, and through it, he teaches online entrepreneurs to strategically build their businesses. Before that, he spent 20 years building his online business and making his online activities a major success story. Though the company makes millions of dollars per year, it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

What’s the moral of the story? You can’t come online with absolutely NO experience and make a million dollars overnight. It just doesn’t happen. As you can see from the above mini stories, these self-made online millionaires have taken the time to learn how to build multi-million dollar businesses, and that’s the key. You can’t possibly do the same thing, unless you take the time to learn how it’s done. Overnight, get-rich-quick schemes are just that… schemes, and they just don’t work.

You can, however, learn what you need to know to get your business started quickly by cutting your learning curve time down to a fraction. In the ListBuilding Club, you get step-by-step instruction on video to show you exactly what to do. Higher levels of membership allow you to strategically plan how to take your business to million-dollar level, but you have to be willing to learn from a mentor who knows how it’s done. Visit to start your membership today. Do it the right way, and your business will last and grow over time.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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