Using Voice Broadcasting in Internet Business

Using Voice Broadcasting in Internet Business

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The power of voice broadcasting is absolutely phenomenal and one of the most under-utilized moneymakers and traffic drivers in internet business. It is absolutely extraordinary technology. It is very inexpensive to use and can add a whole new income stream to your internet business. The trick is to design the message in a way that ends in positive results for your internet business.

To understand the power of voice broadcasting and the monetary impact that it can make on your internet business, you must first understand the basics of a voice broadcast. Most commonly, a voice broadcast is a recorded voice message that is delivered to your customers/leads either LIVE on the phone or through their answering service, voicemail or answering machine. A voice broadcast can be delivered by cell phone and text messaging, however, this is fairly new technology and is not as common and the former. The ability of communicating with existing customers and offering them more products and services that they want and need is huge. Plus, the personalization of the message can aide as a new customer generating tool by building a relationship with your current leads and then, turning them into customers.

The best voice broadcasting service we have found is VoiceShot. This service is pretty basic and inexpensive, but it gets the job done. To send a voice broadcast, you export all the phone numbers of your clients/leads from your internet business’s autoresponder and upload them into VoiceShot. Then, simply upload the numbers into VoiceShot and start building your voice broadcast campaign. Another advantage of this service is that they have great customer support, so you can contact them will any technical questions with setting up your voice broadcast.

Once you have your list uploaded, you will need to create and record the actual message that your customers will hear. Keep the recorded message (voice broadcast) under 50 seconds. The first reason for this is that you want to keep the attention of the listener for the entirety of the message since there will be a call to action at the end. Secondly, VoiceShot and most other services charge by the minute. Generally, it will take 3-6 seconds for your listener to pick up and say “Hello.” You want to allow for that time and leave enough of a gap that you do not get charged for an extra minute of time. This will keep your Return on Investment (ROI) high and your internet business succeeding.

With all successful voice broadcasts that are used to generate income for an internet business, there is a call to action; a purpose to the message. Most of the time, this call to action is asking your listening to visit a website, usually a sales page. To do this, you will need to register a domain name that is designed well. First, choose a domain name that does not numbers in the web address. Next, always buy a domain name that ends in .com . Also, don’t use any words that also have a numerical value like “for” and “two.” If you have any of these things in your domain name your listeners might get confused and go to the wrong site. During your voice broadcast, direct your listeners to this website and clearly state what you want them to do.

Using the technology of voice broadcasting can be amazingly useful for your internet business. Use it for generating more sales from existing customer or turning leads into new customers. Keep your listens interested and your ROI high by making the message short. Design your message with a call to action and include an easy website for them to visit and purchase your product or service. Above all, use this technology to enhance the success of your internet business.

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