Tips That Boost Your List

5.5 Tips That Boost Your
Subscriber Profits
By Brian Terry
Have you ever wondered how you can make the subscribers on your list
more responsive? Here’s what I mean… I’m sure you’ve done this
before, you send your subscribers one email after another full of
valuable, useful content, then you make a recommendation to a product
and virtually no one orders through your link. Sound familiar?
It took me many years of trial and error to create this list of 5 tips
that help you boost your subscriber profits.
Pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal because it can and will
increase your listbuilding profits.
Tip 1: Use double optin subscriptions
Getting people to confirm their subscription ensures you have people on
your list who definitely want to hear more from you. This is one of the
most important steps to take because it helps you to build a quality
subscriber list. Remember listbuilding is about quality not quantity.
Tip 2: Use personalization
It’s been proven time and time again that personalization significantly
increases the effectiveness of your communication with your
subscribers. By including your subscribers name in the emails you send
them gives the message a sense of it’s being sent just for them and
no-one else.
Tip 3: Train your subscribers
For every 2 emails you send out that are content orientated send out 1
email that’s an honest recommendation you make for a product you think
will help them. Train your list to expect to receive offers from you
that will be of use to them.
Tip 4: Regularly survey your subscribers
Find out what your lists wants, then give it to them. Simple. You could
ask them questions like what’s their biggest problem online as well as
ask other demographic style questions. This helps you to build a
profile of your subscriber and gives you great understanding as to how
you can help them better and what offers they’re more likely to respond
Tip 5: Give your list special offers
It doesn’t matter if you own a product or are an affiliate, make your
list an offer only they’ll be getting. It could be for the next 48
hours you’re offering 20% discount on your product. Or you offer an
extra bonus but only if they order something through your affiliate
Tip 5.5: Keep in regular contact with your subscribers
It’s when you email your list 2 times a month that they begin to forget
who you are. Stay in regular contact and people will begin to know,
like and trust you. Above all don’t forget this one golden rule of
listbuilding… the money is in your “relationship” with your list not
it’s size.
About the Author
Brian Terry is the Co-founder of ListHero where he provides you with
the fastest, easiest way to build your list for free.

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