Three Primary Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting a Membership Site

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If you’re planning to start a membership site, there are a few things you should consider before you do all the work. Preparation is half the battle, and deciding some important questions first may mean the difference between success and failure.

First, is your idea a good one? Just because you thought that people would enjoy a membership site on penguin clothes, doesn’t mean they will. You have to do some research. Go to places like and use their keyword discovery tools to see if anyone is searching for penguin clothes. Check out Google Trends, which you can also access from SEOBook’s results page, and see if the idea is waxing or waning or if there’s any interest at all. There’s no sense setting up a membership site on penguin clothes if no one will ever join. If you don’t see at least 300+ searches per day, you probably have a narrow market.

Next, what type of membership site should you build? Will it have forever content that continues to grow over time, or will you have a finite situation whereby members come and join to see what you have and are introduced to a type of “course,” where the membership content is finite? Sites with either model exist. You have to decide which one is right for you. If your niche is content narrow, meaning you can plan only so much content before you run out, then the finite option is probably best for you.

Third, you must decide how you will deliver your content. There is membership site software out there that will organize and present your content in a certain way. Or, you can decide to deliver content via a password-protected blog or via email. Which type of content delivery will fit best with the type of content that you plan to deliver?

Each of these questions are important because they will determine the shape of your membership and your site. When you research to find that the idea is a good one, when you decide on an appropriate level of content and a delivery system beforehand, your site is much more likely to become a success. So, take some time beforehand, iron out the details, and when you have a plan, go for it! Nothing means success better than good preparation.

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