It’s been a bad year


It’s been a bad year.

Layoffs, Foreclosures… skyrocketing prices
on everything from gas to trash bags…

Families drowning in debt and being kicked
out of their homes…

We’ve all heard these depressing facts
over and over for too freaking long.

Everyones hurting, and nobody knows what
to do to fix it.  On top of it all, we’ve got
an election coming up and neither candidate
is making me feel particularly secure about
the future.

What I need is some cash in hand right now,
and a proven, solid, and sustainable system for
putting more cash in my hands in the future.


I need the security of knowing that “YES” –
I AM going to get some money in ASAP,
and NO – it’s not just a fly by night system
that will be “dead” the next time I try to use it.

Yes, it’s going to WORK, weather I do or not,
and I’m going to work hard at it because of
the results I see every day…

I need a bomb-proof, bulletproof, recession proof
income that’s going to stay steady, and grow
when I want it to.

I know a lot of people on this very list that
need the same promise, the same opportunity.

And it wasn’t even possible for the average
Joe  until now…


I’m not going to promise it’s going to
work for you because… I can’t make you
do anything you’re not driven to do yourself.

I have no idea how much time, money,
or energy you can put into securing
your future.

All I know is, I’m sure going to try my hardest-
and as your friend I’m opening the door for you.


See you on the other side…

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Rick Burdo

It’s easy to get a case of
“recession depression” but
brush it off, no matter how
dire the circumstances.

The best way out… is through…



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