The War on Recession


It’s time to declare war on this recession.

Times are tough, and getting tougher every day.

Gas prices are going to $6.00 before we know it,
Driving up the cost of.. well.. pretty much everything.

And on top of it all, everywhere you look people
are losing out in bigger ways than at the pump,

And I mean losing their Jobs, losing their houses,
losing their future and security.

Leaving millions in a situation that’s hard to stomach.

Either we “keep on keeping on” and hope things
get better, or look for that next big thing.

(One of my neighbors  puts all his extra money
in the lotto …hasn’t paid out yet, from the look of him)…

And the real heartbreak for me is seeing all the
foreclosures on my block.  Good, hard working
families are being forced out, like they’re bums
squatting on someone else’s land..

…and who moves in?



It’s a shame.

That’s why I started to perk up a bit when I caught
wind of what Shawn Casey, Harris Fellman, and
Tellman Knudson have been cooking up in secret
ever since things really got bad.

Now, if you’re not familiar, these guys are
kind of like heroes to me…

All three are bona-fide Internet Millionaires,
with a combined income of over $18 million per year.

A lot of people would think they’re ‘out of touch’
with ordinary, 9-5 grind people…

But they’ve all been there, and know exactly what
it’s like to come up short on dough when it really counts.

That’s why they joined forces to come up with a
way for ANYONE to “whack the recession”


They want to make sure you’ve got the tools
and strategies you need to:
    * stop harassment from bill collectors
 * save your credit
 * avoid humiliating foreclosure
 * conquer this recession

 * escape a prison of debt, and
 * create permanent financial freedom…

This is the best LEGAL way to recession
proof your income I’ve ever come across,
and it’s as entertaining as it is groundbreaking . . .

(lets face it, some training programs can be a real bore…

Anyway I know it’s something you’ll be
interested in, so give it a look.


They picked a pretty precarious spokesman
for the project… but I think you’ll get a real
kick out of him…

If you’ve followed these three guys before,
you probably know that their products usually
go for 100s, even 1000s of dollars… but since
they know cash is tight for everyone right now,
they’re cutting us a break because of the recession.

So what I want you to do now is see what they’ve
got to say on the next page:


If it can help get your family and future on
track in spite of the recession – –
It was worth it.

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