Thank You | The Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Dream Training Team for 2009

Tellman Knudson

A self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 30, Tellman Knudson took his company Overcome Everything, Inc. from zero to 2.5 million a year in under 2 years. Now recognized worldwide as the authority on Listbuilding, Tellman is currently best known for one of the most exciting launches in recent Internet history — Learn the value of having a list and why you should spend every minute of your business day working toward making your list bigger.

Pat Marcello

(Patricia Cronin Marcello) has written 10 books, 9 of which are available on She has also written countless articles and short stories for national and regional publications and the World Wide Web.Currently, Pat is working for a young marketing guru, writing blogs and articles. She is also adept at search engine optimization (SEO), and Prodject Manager for the ListBuilding Club.

Kyle Battis

Is a former personal trainer who used Tellman’s ‘Perpetual Marketing Machine System’ to get started with internet marketing to build a list of over 5,132 people in a 12 week period of time and replace his full time income working online from his house in New Hampshire.He the Marketing and Affiliate Manager of Tellman’s company Overcome Everything and has been responsible for driving HUGE amounts of traffic to Tellman’s sites with joint venture deals, Golden Rule

Brian T. Edmondson

Is a super-affiliate and showed people how to make a small list pay in 15K in 7 Days. As the chief video instructor for The List Building Club at Overcome Everything, Inc., Brian has plenty of experience manipulating Camtasia and getting his videos to look totally professional. Let Brian give you his personal tips and tricks on putting video to work well for your business, no matter what niche you’re in.

Michael Purvis

Operates a number of Traffic Generation sites and develops Marketing Tools and systems to help online business people succeed . His initial ventures online were funded through Adsense campaigns and eBay marketing. In 2008 he joined the Overcome Everything team as a Paid Traffic Specialist and also takes care of setting up new traffic generation systems to benefit OE customers. His latest site, uses many of the lessons learned from Tellman to increase his list size, and provide customers far more than they ever expect.

Jeff Mills

Is a former Youth Pastor of 9 years, who is now a full time internet information entrepreneur, book author, speaker, sales coach, and also an avid traveler. Having Sold over $2 Million Dollars of products, services and home based business products since 2003, Jeff is uniquely qualified to help you grow your business or speak to your clients to help them grow their business or make more money while working from home.

Don Griffth

Work with One of theTop Producers in the Internet Marketing Industry.This guy went from installing car stereos to making millions so I followed what he showed me and I started getting incredible results…faster than I ever had before. I used his method and built a list of over 40,000 people in 5 weeks and generated an additional $20,000 of revenue stream at the same time.

Erik formed Stafford

Marketing, LLC in late 2006, launched The Faster Webmaster in early 2007, and has been helping people get started building online businesses ever since the 2000..

Corey Lewis

A student of Tellman’s and creator of the “Easy Tech Videos” membership site that teaches beginners to online marketing how to quickly and easily get a website online and understand the “Technical” side of internet marketing.Corey has built up a list of over 23,545 subscribers and over 650 paying members using primarily 4 completely FREE traffic methods (he’ll be teaching you exactly how he did it in his four training sessions!)..
Hollis Carter

Started four successful businesses from scratch. Focuses primarily on marketing and innovation through creation of Joint Venture opportunities.Currently own and operate powerful social networking platform that operates hundreds of social networking websites. Consulting for information product launches.

Dave Woodward

Has been flying around the country and filming the top internet marketers in the world for an “MTV Cribs / Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” style show! I have been in their houses, talked with their families and SEEN what really happens behind the scenes!

Jordan Hall

Is a relative newcomer to the Internet Marketing scene though he’s been a student of Internet Marketing and marketing in general for over 7 years.After running a successful eBay business for 3 years Jordan decided to put his marketing background to use, and go full time online.Shortly after making this decision, he launched his first highly successful website and has been achieving extraordinary results ever since.With a sharp eye for innovation and several major projects in the
works, he continues to earn the respect of fellow marketers and help others achieve success online.

Reed Floren

Is interested in business, internet marketing, the stock market, real estate, self-improvement, health, technology and helping others achieve success.He started with Internet Marketing as a teenager and has built his business to quite a large following. One of Reed’s Secret Weapons is how he uses Facebook and other social marketing sites to further his business.Learn all of Reed’s secrets or success with Web 2.0.

Dave McDonough

Worked in the Automotive Industry, whick has been very good to me he still had the Entrepreneurial blood flowing through my veins. He started a business reselling long distance services that earned me a nice little check every month and still does today. Dave was spenting all of his time marketing online and decided it was time to take his marketing offline. He found an awesome system for marketing offline using greeting cards. He has also used this exact system to get to know some of the Internet Marketing Gurus, and with some hard work and persistence Dave was eventually was named an Ambassador to Tellman Knudsons’ List Building Club. Today I enjoy marketing both online and offline.

Wayne Sharer

Grew up and a little town called Wheaton, Maryland. He graduated from high school. Then he joined the ROTC program. The Navy accepted and enrolled him in to a four year college program at Tulane University. This led to a 22 years career in the United States Navy as a naval flight officer of the E-2C Hawkeye aircraft. He returned home and in 2005, he and his partner started an Online Business. Wayne is on a mission to help other to success online.

Jeff Herschy Schwerdt,

Managing Partner of Viper Consulting, LLC, Co-Creator of Innovative Marketing Seminars, and the mastermind behind Quick Video Marketing and The Cash Flow Funnel. Jeff is a former F-16 Fighter Instructor Pilot turned full time internet entrepreneur and online video expert. Jeff has run several successful internet marketing programs,consulted on multiple six figure product launches, and is sought out by companies looking to expand their internet marketing prowess. Jeff has several years of consulting experience with online businesses, time management, efficiency, outsourcing, and technology implementation. Jeff has mastered the secret to six figure income using video based marketing. As an accomplished Internet Marketer, Jeff has been asked to speak at multiple events around the country on the topics of Internet and Video Marketing.

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