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Successful Ezine Advertising For Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses

If you want to get traffic for your home based internet marketing businesses by using ezine advertising then you are going to want to follow some simple, but extremely important tips. Ezine advertising is an awesome way to get targeted traffic, as long as you take a little time up front and make sure you are selecting the right ezines to advertise in.

The very first step should be obvious, but you have got to know the audience you are targeting. If you haven’t figured that out yet, stop before you spend a dime on ANY kind of advertising…before you spend more TIME…you have to know what your niche is and who you want on your list. Until you do, you really don’t have a business.

Once you have your target audience identified, then you can start researching some ezines.

The very first thing is to figure out the readership of the ezine. Is there a good “message to market” match? By that I mean, are the readers of the ezine likely to be interested in what you are offering? The better the match, the better chance you will have at having a successful advertising campaign. Find the best message to market match that you can.

This is more than just the actual product…it also includes a style match…if you are in the dog training niche and your focus is on training companion animals then an ezine that focuses on training attack dogs is probably not the best fit…and if you look at the style of the ezine I’m willing to bet that there wouldn’t be a lot in common with your site. Make sense?

Talk to the publisher. Find out how big the newsletter list is. Find out how responsive the list is! Those two pieces, together, will tell you a lot about whether or not this will be a profitable relationship.

In addition you want to know the kind of offers that have worked in the past. If your offer is similar to ones that have been successful then that is a really good indicator yours might be, too. On the other hand, if yours is more similar to ones that have bombed, that is a good indicator you would be better off looking elsewhere!

Another thing I like to know is the relationship the publisher (the person who puts out the ezine) has with the subscribers. Does the publisher relate to the list? Or is the newsletter just a bunch of ads that are sent out? Is there any other communication between the publisher and the list? Is there a method for subscribers to communicate back with the publisher…is the communication two-way or one-way. This helps me to know if the list is more likely to act upon the recommendations of the publisher.

 Study past issues of the ezine. Are there advertisers who are repeating the same ad several issues in a row? The more frequently you see repeat ads and repeat advertisers, the better the indication is they are making money from the ad.

Talk to some advertisers. Ask about their experiences with that ezine.

Advertising in ezines can be a great way for home based internet marketing businesses to get targeted traffic. Be sure to take a little time, follow these guidelines and do some homework and you can successfully be advertising in ezines, growing your list and your revenue!

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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