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Blogging and pinging, press releases, writing articles, doing Podcasts, or using AdWords. Choose one. None of them are the magic bullet. All of them can make you a million dollars–individually. You can get good at any one of those things and drive all the traffic you want for the rest of your life. (At least as long as it’s a viable traffic source. )

Meaning, you don’t have to be good in all of them. You need to start by being good in one of them. What we’re talking about are traffic streams. If you’re just building your first list, you may be falling into the same problem with traffic that people fall into when they think about multiple streams of income. They try to have 25 streams of income all at once, when none of them produce anything.

First and foremost, you need to build a list. So, if you’re going to do press releases, do a press release every day and link it to your list-building page. Press releases are just a way of getting a message out in front of people. AdWords are great, too, though. People make a lot of money with AdWords. But, test AdWords slowly, and see what gets you the most list members, first. If you want to take the time to figure that out, go for it.

Step one is to pick one topic to use AdWords for. Once you know what your topic is and have a squeeze page up to build your list, then if you want to drive traffic with AdWords, drive traffic with AdWords. Read Perry Marshall’s book, The Definitive Guide to AdWords, first. Don’t waste a bunch of money.

Or, you can use articles to drive traffic to your squeeze page, and get even more subscribers for your list. You can just yank components from your old newsletters to do that. As you do this, and as you start studying blogging and pinging and everything else, what’s going to happen? You’re going to start getting ranked in the search engines and indexed.

You don’t even need to think. It’s going to be a copy, a quick read of it to make sure it makes sense and is still applicable, and then paste. You could develop a whole new traffic source based on all the content you’ve already done, and it can all lead to your list-building page.

Blogging is going to do two things for you. Number one, it’s going to build your list because you’re going to have an opt-in box on your blog. Number two, you’re going to have links, which are your affiliate links.

Number three, you could include AdSense there or something like that and besides building your list, you could instantaneously–literally over night–you could have a brand new income stream.

Here’s the thing, right now, you don’t need to be worried about all that stuff. You need to be worried about getting one good squeeze page that converts well and adds new members to your list, every day. As you learn about traffic, then drive a hundred different types of traffic to your list-building page in as many ways as you can, so that you can make some money.

You don’t need to be worried about creating 5,000 squeeze pages for different uses. You don’t need to be worried about creating 5,000 different offers for different things. You need one good offer that you can drive lots of traffic to, so that you can build a tremendous list. Plus, you won’t have to do the work over and over again.

If you study one form of traffic at a time and as you master each of them, things get really cool. What ends up happening is you drive a whole bucket load of traffic to your list-building page, people think you’re the best, and you make a bunch of money in the process. How cool is that?

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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