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I hope you’re having a great
start to your week, but even if
you’re not, I’ve got some news
that should turn it around 🙂
My friends Tellman Knudson and
Shawn Casey are holding a live
tele-class on ListBuilding…
The best part is, it’s open to the public!

First of all, in case you don’t
know who these two knuckleheads are,
Tellman Knudson is probably the
worlds greatest expert on ListBuilding…
Over the past four years, he’s built
a multi-million dollar online business,
all while working out of his home,
and he started with only 50 bucks.
(pretty awesome success story)
and he did it all with ListBuilding!
Shawn Casey has been making a
fortune online for years, he’s
the guy Frank Kern refers to as:
“Old Man Casey”
He used his online business to
afford his dream home, which is
right near his favorite golf course…
he wouldn’t be where he is
without ListBuilding –
They both make millions of dollars
a year, live in awesome dream houses,
and charge thousands of dollars for
but these guys are going to
show you the ropes…for nothing!
this Tele-Class is going to be awesome,
and it’s f.r.e.e. – so it’ll fill up
REALLY fast…
If you want to learn how you can
make or exceed your full time income
all while working from the comfort
of your house then you need to sign
up quick.
Like I said, anyone can sign up
for this class – but it’s going to
fill up very fast- so go here to
sign up now!
To Your Success

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Rick Burdo

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