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 Everyone knows about natural search, which is great, but let’s talk a little about “blog search” specifically. Did you know that there are search engines created specifically to index blog content? The biggest and probably the oldest around is Technorati (, and if you have a blog, it’s a good idea to “claim” it at Technorati. That way, you’ll not only be indexed, you’ll be able to check minimal stats, like your blog’s rank in the blogosphere and how many people have made your blog a “favorite.” If you post a lot, and people like your blog, you’ll rise in the rankings and get more readers. There are other search engines for blogs, too, such as and, but there are tons of them. Get your site listed in as many as possible.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about YouTube, MySpace and other what they call “Web 2.0” sites. They have a format you’ll probably recognize, either video or social networking. But there are other “tagging” sites that will bring massive traffic to your blog, and you should become a member of as many of them as you can. Here are some favorites:

StumbleUpon: Once you join, you’ll be able to download a toolbar that sits at the top of your browser. Then, whenever you see a site you like, you can vote on whether you like it or not. Vote “thumbs up” for every post you make. Be sure that you’re voting for the actual post and not just the blog by clicking on the title in WordPress or clicking on a link titled “permalink.” The pages that come up have a URL specific to your post.

SpicyPage: You can claim authorship to both blogs and websites here. Be sure to make some friends and get your site some votes. You will get some traffic.

Digg: Digg prefers news stories, but any worthwhile content is accepted. Just don’t post a blatant ad for a product and then “Digg” it. You won’t be happy with the results.

Most of these sites work the same way. Others are, Netscape, Furl, RawSugar, and on and on. There are tons of “Web 2.0” sites, which is what these interactive sites have been termed, out there.

Another Web 2.0 way to get traffic to your blog would include:

Wikipedia: The editors aren’t at all interested in commercial advertising. However, if you have a blog that provides great content for the topic, then fine. For instance, I also write an blog, which is strictly about dealing with ADD and ADHD. That site is entered in Wikipedia under several different categories pertaining to ADD and ADHD and a lot of traffic comes our way from there. Just be sure to follow the category’s style sheet when posting or your entry will be erased.

All of these are incredible sources where you can work to drive traffic to your blog and/or your squeeze pages. Don’t overlook this! For more Web 2.0 sites, go to ( and see just how many outlets there are. You’ll probably be amazed.

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