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get un-stuck, for just a buck
Rick Here!
Happy New Year To All!
May you all have a healthy, safe and prosper
All it take is a buck to get un-stuck.
when you’re looking at your screen,
tearing out hair and wondering:
“why can’t I get past this frustrating
crap and actually start making money”
… it’s time to step back.
Ask yourself:
What have I done online this year
that’s made me real money?
if it’s a short list, then you need to
think about switching focus.
every major online success story
has a chapter on ListBuilding.
from Microsoft to Barack Obama,
big online successes require big
lists of prospective customers …
oh I know what you’re thinking:
“but Obama wasn’t selling anything”
well if you believe that, talk to one
of the millions of people he sold “hope”
to in small $15-$20 increments all
year long.
and imagine how hard it would have
been to raise those millions without
ListBuilding makes online business
possible, because it’s the ultimate key
to getting traffic on demand.
When you can push a button and send
hundreds, even thousands of people
exactly where you want, then you’ve
graduated to the “un-stuck” crowd.
It’s power like that that let my friend Tellman
go from $50 in a cramped apartment, to
running his own multi million dollar a year
And thankfully for all of us, he’s truly devoted
to showing the little guy how it’s done.
I’ve learned a lot from Tellman, and I’d like
to take this fleeting opportunity to say, on
the record, that I wouldn’t be sending you
this post without the principles he teaches.
you wouldn’t even know who I am.
If you want to learn ListBuilding from the best,
then you need to learn from Tellman, and now
you can do that for just a dollar:
It’s a one dollar trial to his ListBuilding Club.
The Trial Lasts a Whole Month.
It’s a standard “continuity program”
so if you don’t cancel your membership
by the end of the trial, then you’ll be
charged for the next month.
($67 bucks is the regular monthly cost)
I  wanted me to make sure you know
exactly what the deal is before you
even see the next page.
Now that you know how the billing works,
let me tell you why you should:
a) join immediately
b) stay in the club forever:
The ListBuilding Club is more than
just a website, it’s an ongoing education.
What you’ll be DOING inside the club is simple,
you’ll be watching videos that show you step by
step, exactly what to do, (and how) to:
-build a website
-build a list
-and start cashing in.
Each month, there’s new awesome
content added, but since it’s been
running for well over a year now,
you can get all the previous months
content right away.
There’s 107 videos and counting,
and if you pay the buck, and start
going through them, then by the
end of the month, you’ll be completely…
So there it is…
if you’re trying to figure out what you
should be doing, and more importantly,
what you can do for almost no-dough
to start seeing real success…
take the trial, join the club…
…and stick around so you can learn
everything Tellman Knows.
It seriously can’t hurt.
But it CAN be the turning point
in your online career.
He’s got over 500 testimonials from
happy students to prove that this isn’t
just another product, it’s an education
turns newbies into marketers.
You can get to them all from the next page:
It’s time to get un-stuck like me…
I’ll see you when you get here.
To Your Outstanding Success,
List Pros
Rick Burdo
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