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So, you’ve got an idea for a niche in which to begin your list building efforts. You’ve researched the keywords and they rock. But now comes the hard part… that all-so-important list building squeeze page.

What’s the most important part of your squeeze page or ANY squeeze or sales page for that matter? Your headline! That’s what everyone looks at first, and what will make or break your list building efforts.

There are a couple of ways to come up with great headlines. One method is to write the first 10 headlines that come into your brain. Just write them. Don’t worry that #3 stinks or #8 won’t attract flies… Just write them. Then, look over what you’ve written and choose the best two of the lot.

Another way to create great headlines is to buy software that generates headlines for you. You feed some information in and a bunch of different headlines come out. You still have to choose the headlines from that list that appeal to you, of course.

How do you know if the headlines you chose are good or not? You test them.

Take the headline you like best and put it atop one list building squeeze page and take the one you like second-best and put it on top of another squeeze page, with the same copy. Remember, you should only test one thing at a time, and testing your headline is the best way to start.

After about 1,000 views of each one, decide which one worked better for list building, as in which one got you more names for your list? It’s pretty easy to set up a split test in most autoresponders.

If you aren’t using an autoresponder with this capability, you should be, but if you aren’t, you can also use a rotator. These are scripts that allow a different page to be shown each time a URL is clicked. You load the URLs of both list building pages into the rotator, and then advertise the rotator’s URL. You can buy your own rotator script, or you can join a rotator site. There’s no difference in how they work; it’s your preference.

Headline writing is an art and people who can write great ones not only get a better response with list building. This carries over to the subject line in your emails too, or to any other sales copy that you write for your list. Learn to write killer headlines and you’ll be very, very, very glad you did.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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