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Thinking about writing in your blog every day may be stopping you from getting a blog started. Continually creating new and interesting content for your readers may seem like a huge task and obligation. But it’s not, really… Not when you think about creating new content from things you’ve already written and using that in creative ways.

One very powerful way is to go through however many back issues of your newsletter that you have and find tips, recipes, news announcements, reviews, or whatever. Take those and turn them into blog entries. Post every single day of the week, if you can. As you do this, and as you start studying blogging and pinging and Web 2.0 and everything else more, what’s going to happen? You’re going to start getting ranked in the search engines and indexed because search engines love new content. Then, you’ll get more people reading your blog and because you have an opt-in box on your blog, they’ll also be joining your list.

Most of the time, you don’t even need to think. It’s going to be a quick read of the information you want to use, to make sure it makes sense and is still applicable, copy, and then paste. You could develop a whole new traffic source for your squeeze page, based on all the content you’ve already done and are uploading to your blog. Then, link back to your list building page and BAM! You’re using content you’ve already written and using it to promote your squeeze page, too. When you link back to the squeeze page from your blog, that will allow it to rise in the search engines, and you’ll be getting traffic.

Of course, it’s also going to build your list right from the blog because you’re going to have an opt-in box on your blog. Number two, you’re going to have links, which are your affiliate links in the blog entry. Number three, you could have AdSense in there or something like that and you could instantaneously— literally overnight—you could have a brand new income stream. That will allow you to take the existing content that you have and convert it into multiple different types of income streams, including ClickBank affiliate links for certain types of products.

The best thing about all this is that you’re continually building your list and you’re re-cycling words you’ve already written. Professional writers do that all the time. They’ll research a subject, create a book or an article, and later, create another article or book based on the research they’ve already done. So, why not use what you’ve already created to build a mega-list? It’s a smart way to go.

The only thing you want to avoid is duplicate content. Don’t recycle stuff that’s already on the blog or the search engines won’t like it. Take things you’ve written to your list, or things you’ve offered as free reports, or anything but what’s on the blog already. That won’t help you; it will hurt you, and that goes for any site you have.

Coming up with good content for your blog can be easier than you think, if you use what you have and repurpose it wisely. Constantly be looking for ways to use old articles, reports, or anything else you’ve already done and use it to keep your readers reading. Blogging as often as you can will be very, very powerful.

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