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Today, we’re going to do something a little different. Take these gems and use them… They’re yours!

* The first thing you need to do is create your own website with your own opt-in page so you can build your own list of subscribers. You need to build your list—everything else is secondary and bells and whistles. Anyone who’s not building a list, you’re missing the boat. You should start that immediately, and it should be a benefit-driven list about something you already know a lot about..

* When you’re working on a splash page for list-building purposes, try to keep things as simple and proven as possible. With a squeeze page, you’re going to want to test, but for now, just start off with what we’ve tested and we know works and builds lists–red headline, black bullet points. But you should still test that.

* My First List is a high-speed how-to get your first list built—you could do it in a day. You could get things rolling in a day if you kick it into high gear.

* The difference between a lead and a list is that with a list, you build a relationship. With a lead, it’s like a one night stand. Never buy leads.

* If you want to train people not to click and not to buy things from you, then don’t offer them anything to buy, and that’s what you’ll end up with. You’ll end up with a great list of people who love your information and won’t buy anything.

* Build your own list, do your own newsletter, sell whatever products you want, but don’t be reliant on other companies ever again. Never. Network-marketing companies want you to be reliant on them. Don’t do it. Don’t fall into the trap. It will kill you.

* Build a list to build a long-term relationship with people so you can sell them whatever products you’d like over time. Doing something to get in and get out to make a buck is lame. You’ll never be wealthy that way.

* What you need to be focused on is building your list and/or learning about generating traffic. The entire Internet comes down to one thing—traffic. A list is an instantaneous form of traffic. It is a highly-qualified form of traffic and is probably the best form of traffic.

* The quickest way to bond with any list is to run an Ask campaign. You can go to to get that going.

* If you take a product and you promote it seriously to your list, you will find that they will respond. They’ll take you seriously.

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