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 OK, so let’s say you’ve got your squeeze page up and ready to run. You’re ready to build your list, but you aren’t quite there. There’s one more thing you need to do to make your list-building system work for you.

Load four messages into an autoresponder. And autoresponder houses, verifies, and communicates with the people on your list automatically. You load up these four messages and you needn’t do another thing.

Why four messages?

You want your first message to say, “Hey, thanks for joining my newsletter mailing list. Here’s your first tip on real estate or knitting or parenting or whatever.” At the end of that message, be sure to include something interesting, or give some good tips. Then do a “P.S.” This might be, “If you haven’t picked up a copy of (whatever it is that you’re selling), please do it. It will really help you a lot.” Then go to, and get a small link to put there. Your list members will be able to click on it, and go buy the product.

In that first message, I would send them back to the first page that you sent them to as the thank you page after they opted into your list, the URL for which you have already loaded into your autoresponder.

But you should have four products that you’ve tested and become an affiliate for from of Clickbank, for instance, but there are many other places where you can find affiliate products that will be compatible with your list.

But don’t promote anything you haven’t already tried. It’s just not ethical, and it won’t work. If you promote a bad product to your list, you’ll find that list members who buy it will unsubscribe because they won’t trust you. So, buy the product and if you like it–promote it to your list. If you decide that you don’t like it, make the person who sold it to you take it back and refund your money and find another product you can get behind. It’s just that simple.

So, I recommend that you load four email messages into your autoresponder. The next three P. S.’s, one each, will be for your other three products. Getting your first four messages into the autoresponder is the hardest part. People always want to know where to get the content, or what to put in these email messages. Many of the sites you’re going to be promoting will have some articles already written, or some good email messages they have had success with sending to their lists, that you can adapt for your own use.

Or, you can look up their website at You will usually be able to find their phone number and the name of the website on there. You call them up and tell them you just joined their affiliate program, and would like to promote their product to your list. Ask if they have any articles or emails that have done well for them that you could put into your autoresponder sequence. You’re just asking if you can make some free sales for them. In many cases, they’ll say yes. If they say no, ask how they’d feel about writing a couple for you. In many cases they’ll say yes.

You can also write your own emails from scratch. You can buy the products you’re going to be promoting, which again, I highly recommend you do. After you’ve gone through them, you can write to your list, “I was reading through this ebook on quilting. There’s a problem I’ve been facing for years, and I’m sure you’ve experienced it too.” Perhaps it’s carpal tunnel syndrome. You can then say it gave you a great, easy exercise to do in order to make your wrists feel better. Then you could recommend the product. Then you can write another email about carpal tunnel syndrome the next day, and recommend a product where people can go to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an example of cross-marketing.

Now, you have your squeeze page and the sales mechanism set. You’ve completed your first marketing system! Drive traffic to your squeeze page and watch your list grow and your income increase. It’s all you have to do.

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