List Building: How to Build a List and Sell a Product at the Same Time

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 If you’re an Internet marketing person who is selling an affiliate product, you get an affiliate link that leads to the product’s web site or sales page, right? Well, lots of people think that you can’t also be list building when you have that kind of set up. Guess what? They’re wrong.

The thing is that you can use any means of selling the product that’s not against the owner’s terms of service or affiliate agreement, or that’s not illegal. Spamming, for instance, would be against both of those conditions, probably in all cases. But you can do anything else to sell a product that you want. In fact, the more creative you are, the better success you’ll have with list building and sales, and the happier the product owner will be, too.

One way to be list building while selling the other person’s product is simple. You set up a squeeze page, and in that page, you give people a review of the product. If you’re selling it, you had better be using it and know that it’s a great product. Give it more than a testimonial, actually give it a good review. You can do that in 250 words or less.

Your review should include information on the features that benefit the user. It should also give the cons of the product. Nothing is 100% great. Usually, there are small things that you would change, if you had a magic wand. Let people know those, too. If your review is too glowing, it won’t seem real. Make it real. Here’s what I mean:

Tellman Knudson’s MyFirstList is a great product for the beginning marketer. Not only does it tell you how to get your list building page built, but it points you to the services you need to get it up and running. Not only that, but you can complete the course in just 9 hours. That means you can buy it one day, and take action on it the next. In fact, the program is so rapid-fire that you can be list building by that second day, too.

The only drawback that some might see is that you will need to spend money to get the system working, but you know what they say, “You have to spend money to make money.” And in my experience, paid is always better than free.

But the very best thing about this system is that it works! I’ve tried it, and am making money with it already, though I just bought it last week. How great is that? If you want more information about MyFirstList, just fill in your first name and email address and we’ll get it to you right away.

This might not be as good example an example as a straight affiliate page because an affiliate link for MyFirstList would lead to another squeeze page. People might be shy about opting-in twice before they even see what the product is about, unless they’re very excited by your review. However, if the product you’re selling has a sales page or it’s just to their main website, writing something like this and adding it to a list building shouldn’t be a problem. This is just an example.

Anyway, after they opt-in to your list and confirm their membership, the first autoresponder message should be a “thank you” page. Also give people a bit more information about the product or Internet marketing program, and an opportunity to buy or join by including your affiliate link. This is very easy to do and you should always be list building, any way you can. 

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