Let Shawn Casey & Tellman Knudson show you how to make 1 million in a night

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These guys know what there doing.

Learn from the Pros.

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 I have to admit my greed glands
are swollen with excitement.
Why? Well, because my good buddies Shawn
Casey and Tellman Knudson have broken a
world record for cash made on a single call…

These 2 dudes pulled in over 1 million bucks
on a single teleseminar…and now they’ve
created a course that shows you exactly
how they did it.

==> Million Dollar Teleseminars

These two guys combined have come up with
more ways to make more on the Internet in
less time than any people we know.

And they both do it with two things:
List Building, and Teleseminars.
Check this out:

Tellman’s business brings in over
3 million a year.

Shawn Casey’s business does over
10 million a year.

They both live in brick mansions and make
thousands of dollars in their evenings, from
their home phones, in one hour (about the
time most people are watching a sitcom).

These guys know what they’re talking about…
and they’re finally going to reveal the course
they created that shows you how to get on
your phone for an hour…

…And watch the greenbacks pour into
your paypal account by the thousands,
that very same night!

This Live Call Will Only Happen Once

And it’s only going to happen ONE TIME
so you have to be there when it does.
But we already have so much interest in
it that we almost hesitate to tell you about
it in case you’re disappointed if it’s sold
out when you get there, but we want to give
you a chance to get in on this while it’s

Here’s what to do now:

On Thursday, Shawn and Tellman are holding
a teleseminar to explain exactly what’s going
on and how you can get your hands on one
copy of their coveted “Secrets of the Million
Dollar Teleseminar” course.

Because the Live call is this Thursday, you
MUST NOT WAIT to get in.
If you want to take advantage of your single
shot at getting onto the Live call with
Shawn and Tellman, you must get
your registration in today.

I strongly suggest you reserve a spot ASAP
because the lines are limited and lot of
people are going to be fighting for the
few spots remaining.
Go here now to register:

==> Million Dollar Teleseminars

I’ll see you on the line this Thursday.

To Your Success
List Pros
Rick Burdo


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