Internet Marketing – Why Build a List and How Do I Start?

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Why Build a List?


When people are new to Internet marketing, they often get started in the wrong direction. Sometimes, it’s the promises made of untold wealth and freedom that catches them and they wind up in a dead-end program where only the founders make any real cash. Or, they get caught up in the hours of clicking it takes to advertise on traffic exchanges which for the most part, aren’t very effective. But it’s hard to break away from the excitement and from what you’ve been told. So, if you’re one of those Internet marketing people, it’s time you realized the most important part of any Internet marketing business.

You won’t succeed without a list.

Getting a list is the most important job any Internet marketing person has. Without a list, you’re just another person out there trying to sell something. People are sure you’re out to cheat them, and it’s hard to sell anything at all. People don’t know you, and if they can’t trust you, you won’t make much money.

You can’t ignore list building, and it should have been your first priority when you moved into the Internet marketing world. If you haven’t started list building, you need to do it–today!

The first step is to buy a domain. It should be a name that’s easy to remember and that fits your niche. For example, if you’re selling dog toys, your domain should have at least the word “dog” in it, and preferably “dog toys.” Something like or or something that will tell visitors what your Internet marketing business is about.

Then, you need a web hosting account, but don’t cheap out and try to get the least expensive account possible. If you’re serious about your Internet marketing business, it’s going to grow and you’re going to need to add more than one domain to your account. So, get an account that has mySQL database availability. That will be important when it’s time to start a blog or add an affiliate program. Look into the future when choosing your hosting account, and also look for reliability. You need that website to be up 99.9% of the time.

Your next step is to get an autoresponder service. The main concern here is deliverability. Will your email arrive at its destination? With spam filters in effect today, if you don’t have a great autoresponder, your email marketing efforts won’t be very effective.

After all of this is in place, you’ll need to build your first squeeze page. But don’t worry. It’s nothing more than a few bullet points, which provide the benefits of your offer, and and opt-in form, which you get from your autoresponder service. Images of yourself or of something you’re giving away in exchange for getting people’s names and email addresses work well, too. When you’re done with this step, you upload the squeeze page, and you’re ready to build your list.

All Internet marketing success rests on the size and responsiveness of your list. You need to gather a group of people who know and trust you, and who are grateful for the knowledge you can give them about your niche. When they get a recommendation from you, they’re more likely to take you up on the offer. If you follow through with the steps above, you’ll have your list growing in no time. All you have to do is concentrate on sending some traffic to your page. Then, not only your list will begin to grow, but your Internet marketing business along with it.

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