Internet Marketing – The Three Great Advantages of Article Marketing

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Have you even considered article marketing?

Perhaps the most important aspect of Internet marketing is getting traffic to your website. But how do you do that, without spending a fortune? If you haven’t even considered article marketing, you’re making a big mistake. Writing articles and posting them to prominent directories gives you some great benefits. “I hate to write,” you say? Hire someone at to ghostwrite for you. It can be very inexpensive. There’s no excuse powerful enough to wipe out the benefits of article marketing.

Here are three reasons why:

First, there’s not a doubt that a well-written article will give you status as an expert. Don’t think that you’re too new at this to write something! If you’re in the right niche, you should have a passion for what you’re doing. You’ll know something, which is more than most. So, write about what you love. Do it in a conversational tone, and tell them what thrills you about your Internet marketing niche. Just write about the aspects of it where your excitement lies.

Second, when you solve problems, people will want to see your website. So, for example, say you’re in the crafts niche, but you are really passionate about knitting. So, you must be a knitter, right? OK. Prepare a special report that gives 5 to 10 tips about knitting that you can teach new knitters and put a link in your author’s resource box (the byline information and a short bit of ad copy) that leads them to your squeeze page to get it. If they read your article and liked it, they’ll come to your website and they’ll opt in to your list to get those 5 to 10 tips, too.

Third, articles provide one-way links to your website. This allows some SEO (search engine optimization) advantage. Each link you get from another website is a one-way link, as long as you don’t point back to the other site, as well. These links are seen as “natural” by the search engines, meaning that one webmaster just saw another webmaster’s site and wanted to add a link. Search engine spiders like that. However, when you write articles, you get the advantage of each of them pointing back to your site. Very valuable links, indeed.

There’s no argument… Article marketing is extremely powerful, and it’s not just a traffic generation system. There are at least three great benefits that we discussed above. Think about writing an article or buying some from ghost writers. Then, get them into a good directory. You’ll see the results in the traffic to your Internet marketing site and in optins and sales because the best aspect of writing and marketing with articles is that it gives you the credibility you need to succeed in the Internet marketing world.

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