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Perhaps the most crucial thing for your Internet marketing business is finding the right keywords. Though it make take some trial and error, and a bit of effort, keywords are critical for search engine rankings and when you have those, the traffic to your Internet marketing website will soar. More traffic equals more sales, and so the better you are at choosing the right keywords, the better your Internet marketing business will perform.

Though Overture was the tool of choice in the past, it’s no longer viable because it hasn’t updated since January 2007. The stats aren’t as current as they should be for deciding something so important anymore., however, has a great keyword selection tool, and what makes it special is its comprehensiveness. You get results from all three of the big search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) and you get information on trends, traffic estimation, and a link to Quintura, a search engine that groups results in tag clouds as well as providing site results. But because SEO Book has become so popular, it’s often busy, as Overture was in the past. If you plug in a very general term and it comes back with 0 results, it probably means that the tool is too busy. Go back later and try again.

The first thing you should do when selecting keywords for your Internet marketing business is to plug in a very broad term. Let’s say you’re in the dog niche. You sell dog toys, dog food, and other dog-related products. When you plug in the word “dog,” it comes up at the top of the results list with 3,627,544 for the month. That’s a lot of searches! What it means is that the term is much too competitive. You could perform every SEO trick that you know and still not rank for that term, if your page has no Google page rank and you’re just starting out. So, let’s look down the list. There’s dog bed at 147,609, but that’s still pretty competitive. Yet, keep going down, and you find “dog supply” at 63,872. That’s more like it. It won’t be an easy term to rank for, but it’s still better than those higher on the list. With a bit of work, you could probably rank for “dog supply” over time.

Your Internet marketing business should be based around the keywords you choose, if you want to get free search engine traffic. Choose keywords that are relevant to your niche, but wait until your site has some search engine clout, as when it’s a Google page rank of 4 or above, to go for the harder terms. That way, as your site matures, you’ll still be ranking and getting some of that search engine traffic. SEO isn’t a strategy that will work overnight, but it’s worth the effort. Free traffic that converts is a great benefit that you should definitely consider.

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