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The previous article in this series got you acquainted with press releases and showed you how they can be an important part of your Internet marketing business. They provide great publicity, driving media people and consumers alike to your Internet marketing business for a closer look. In this article, let’s discuss how a press release is written.

As with any type of copywriting, the headline is always the most important part of your press release. When it’s published, your press release’s headline will be among many others, so you want something that makes your press release stand out. Aside from interest, you also want to increase the likelihood of pick-up by a search engine or news service, so you should also use appropriate keywords to make that happen. But the best way to attract viewers is by tying your headline into some current event. If you check out, you can find the latest stories and find something happening–something that people are searching for–at the time that the press release is written. Usually something in the pop culture works best. For instance, one of our headlines was, “While Johnny Depp Smashes the Box Office, Knudson Hits Home with Quality Information.” It was written about the time the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie was in theaters.

But don’t neglect the next part of your press release–your subheadline. This tells readers what your release is about. In the release quoted above, this was the subheadline: “On June 5, 2007, Tellman Knudson, CEO of Overcome Everything, Inc., kicked off his phenomenal executive series, The Ultra Marketing Marathon. In the first of seven webinars, Internet marketing mega-star Russell Brunson laid out his secret system of generating unstoppable cash through affiliate marketing.” Now, this is more than one sentence, so you might call it a “summary” of what’s going on in the release.

The main body of your press release is your story, and it should give the who, what, when, where, and why of the announcement you’re making. It begins with a dateline, like this: Brattleboro, VT June 27, 2007. Then go into your story, the event that you want to announce. If you’re writing about a new product that your company is launching, be sure to get a quote from someone in the company. Ask what the product will do, why it’s better than anything out there, and when it will be unveiled, and then sprinkle some of those quotes through the release. Just be sure to keep the release in third person (he, she, it, his, hers, its, they, their, theirs) and don’t use first person (I, me, mine).

Be sure to use your main keyword for your Internet marketing business in the body of your press release, to help your site rank in the search engine results. Use it to a density of around 2%, so that if your keyword phrase is “Internet marketing,” for example, you should use the phrase about five times in your release. Many more time than that, and your press release probably won’t sound natural. Plus, Google might think you’re keyword stuffing and penalize you for it. You don’t want that! The easiest way to find out what your density is to plug your writing into and the software will tell you instantly.

The “About the Company” section of your press release tells readers a little about your Internet marketing company–who owns it, when it was opened, and its purpose. This should be a brief paragraph of no more than three to five sentences.

Contact information is the next section of the release and you should include as much as possible. Provide the name of your Internet marketing business again, the person to contact, their email address, telephone number, and FAX, if possible. In our last article, we discussed how media people or other website owners may pick up your release and want more information. Give them as many ways to contact you or someone in your Internet marketing business as possible.

And that’s pretty much it. Writing a press release isn’t terribly difficult, but they are structured and the form needs to be followed. Sites like PRWeb will expect it, and well talk more about uploading your release to that site in our next article…

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