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 When Internet marketing, there are 17 great ways to drive traffic to any website, and one of the most powerful ways is through writing press releases and adding them to press release sites. So, just what is a press release?

A press release is the announcement of something important happening in your company. Maybe you’re launching a new website or product. Maybe you’re holding a special fire sale or someone in your company received a prestigious award. All of these are good reasons for writing a press release. The fact that you just posted to your blog is not. Save press releases for special events and people will take notice.

The reason a press release is so powerful is that they’re Google fodder, and in Internet marketing, Google is very, very powerful. We cater to the whims of Google because it brings the most traffic to our sites, and the traffic just converts better. Google is the current Internet marketing go-by in whatever you do. And Google just loves press releases.

Press releases are easily spidered, meaning that they’re text based, and search engine robots (called spiders) can easily navigate through the page. Both Google and Google News love them. If you write your press release with one keyword in mind (and it should be one you want your site to rank in the search engines for), the spiders will gather what the content is about and list your release in their results pages for that keyword.

Now, here’s the other great thing… Press releases provide search engine optimization (SEO) advantage for your website because when you hyperlink your keyword, it’s a one-way link pointing back to your website. Google counts those one-way links as votes for your site. All one-way links are counted this way, but when they’re from a site like PRWeb, which has a high Google page rank, that’s even better. The reputation of the page linking back to your site is great and you get some of that benefit. You can easily find any site’s page rank, if you download the Google toolbar or install the add-on for Firefox called “Search Status.”

Press releases are scanned by people in the media, who are outside the Internet marketing world, too. You could get some additional publicity if a local or even national newspaper, radio, or even television see your press release and want to know more. It happens every day. Media people are always looking for a new story, and press releases are a great way for them to find content. So, they spend some time looking through press release sites to get a story.

Not all press release sites are created equally, though. Before uploading your release, be sure to check on the site’s traffic by going to, which measures website traffic, and seeing what the PR site’s ranking is. If you see that it’s above 100,000, you may want to reconsider uploading to that site because it probably gets limited traffic, which means your release will have a low chance of being seen.

Those are some basic press release guidelines that apply to any Internet marketing business. In our next article, let’s learn how to write a press release to get your Internet marketing business seen…

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