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Internet Marketing with Video:


I’ve often discussed the benefits of using audio and video in your squeeze pages, web pages, and blogs. Yet, we never discussed the mechanics of how this is done.

Actually, there are several ways to go about doing this. If you make videos using Camtasia, it’s really simple. You just tell the software that you’re producing the video for the Web and it handles the embedding for you. Plus, it creates all the files needed to make it work. Nothing could be simpler.

Not everyone uses Camtasia, however, and putting a video you made yourself into a web page without that luxury includes embedding a video player. This is second part of the code from a YouTube video:

Notice that the code that starts with and tags (< and > replaced with [ and ] to stop the code from actually working). The first goes at the beginning of the code, and the second after the code has ended. It’s easy!

Plus, you can upload your video to the directory sites, whether you made it with Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, or your own digital camera, as long as it’s in the appropriate digital format. That’s not a terrible problem either. Just get some software that will convert your video to the format you need. It’s not very expensive.

However, if your video is about your Internet marketing niche, you’ll want to distribute it, anyway, so uploading it to the directories is a good move. But uploading video after video takes a long time. Instead, use one of the uploader sites like Traffic Geyser or Traffic Mogul, which upload your video to several different sites for you at the same time. They’re real time savers.

Video is becoming more and more popular online and people who use it in their Internet marketing business are seeing a dramatic increase in conversions. Use software to make a video, record your own, or find one that’s in your niche in one of the directories and use it in your marketing strategy. Just realize that video is how the Internet is moving forward. You’re in at the beginning of the wave. Take advantage of its power.

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