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 If you run an Internet marketing business, how many times have you thought, I’m tired paying for pay-per-click? Or, I just bought 2,500 guaranteed hits, and they converted like crap? Then maybe you’ve tried some simple search engine optimization tricks that just didn’t pan out quickly enough for you. What’s an Internet marketing business owner to do? Well, there’s a great form of advertising that works well and that can pay off in a hurry–ezine advertising. Not only that, but it can work in two ways.

The first thing Internet marketing people usually think of is placing a paid ad in an ezine. This is a good way to get some traffic and some very targeted customers. All you have to do is to come up with a great headline, primarily. Why? Because you need to attract readers. Otherwise, they’ll just skim over your ad entirely. So, take time crafting your headline. Write 10 of them and pick the ones you like the most. Then, tweak them and polish them, until you’re ready to spend some money on an ad. Otherwise you’ll be throwing money away. Just as with any other written form of advertising in Internet marketing, it has to be great at pulling people into your ad.

Then, write the body. Be sure to follow the ezine’s editorial guidelines for word count and format, but generally, the rest of the ad will only be 2 – 3 short sentences. Let them pique people’s interest even more. As Jimmy D. Brown always says, “Give them incomplete information.” Make them wonder about the rest so that they will visit your website and buy your product.

When choosing ezines to put your Internet marketing ads into, be sure to at least skim through the ezines and notice where advertisements are placed. If they’re somewhere at the bottom of the page, where nobody will see them, avoid that ezine like the bird flu. You’re paying, so your ad should be within the viewer’s sight. The best spot is in the upper left-hand corner because tests have proven that our eyeballs go there first. It’s kind of like an isosceles triangle from there, with the worst possible place being the lower right-hand side. Plus, the closer to the top the better, of course. So, just be careful with what you’re buying. If you buy an ad that shows up in the lower right-hand corner of the ezine, you won’t be getting much bang for your Internet marketing buck.

But that’s not the only great way to advertise in an ezine–write an article and submit it to the editor. You don’t have to pay for that kind of advertising! Ezines are always interested in getting new content in their niche, and if you can write an interesting and well-constructed article, you’ll have a great chance of it being accepted. You need to be better at Internet marketing than grammar, and the spell-checker will help with the spelling. Just read through your article again, after you run that tool, and make sure that homonyms, like there (in that place), their (belonging to them), and they’re (they are) are appropriately used. Spell checkers can’t detect things like that. Nor can they check words that are misplaced, but spelled properly. For instance, if your fingers typed “and” instead of “an,” a spell checker would think it was OK.

Providing content for and advertising in niche ezines where your Internet marketing business sits is definitely OK. There are several services online that come up when you type “ezine advertising” into Google. Check out each service and see how well each works for you. If you’re unhappy with the results, try different ezines or a different service. But just like anything else in Internet Marketing, it takes some time to test and track and see where your efforts are producing the best results.

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