Internet Marketing and List Building: What’s the Benefit?

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If you’re into Internet Marketing, one of the first things you need to learn to build is a squeeze or list building page. Why? Because a squeeze page captures names and email addresses, and list building is, as they say, “Job 1.” You need a list if you want to succeed, it’s just that simple. One great way to entice people to sign up is by showing them what joining your list can do for them.

So that’s what a list building page should include. Do you need a long, drawn-out sales letter? No. Do you have to have tons of fancy graphics? No. All you need is a great headline, 3 to 5 bullet points, and an opt-in box.

OK, so what will drive people to your list? I can tell you now that it’s not the length of your page and it’s definitely not a pretty picture of a smiling, scantily clad man or woman. It’s your answer to your readers’ question: “What’s in it for me?” or the old acronym, WIIFM, which applies to any kind of direct marketing from Internet Marketing to marketing face to face.

You can answer this question on your list building page in a very simple way. First, sit down and write out every benefit of your product or service that you can think of. Really make it an exhaustive list. In fact, think about it, write the statements down, and walk away. Go back in about an hour and see if you can think of a few more. If not, you’re done. If so, keep walking away and coming back. While you’re away, your subconscious will be coming up with more benefits that you can write down.

But, what’s a benefit statement? you may be thinking. Learn to think like your customer. If you were signing up for more information on your product or service, what would you be interested in seeing?

For instance, My First List is our list building how-to program for people just getting started with Internet marketing or for people who have been around a little while and who haven’t seen yet that a list is all-important to their Internet marketing success. Let’s look at a few features of the program:

Teaches you how to choose a niche.

Teaches you how to buy your first domain.

Teaches you how to set up your first website.

But these are features. They aren’t benefits. Every single feature could be followed by the question: “So, what?” Right? A benefit tells your potential customer what those features will do for him or her. Here are the benefits:

Make money in a profitable niche

Brand your company on the Internet with your own unique URL.

Make your online presence known

You see? You have to paint mental pictures for people. Why will the features of your product or service help them to get where they want to be? It’s that simple. Try to think like the people who will be buying what you have to sell. When you put yourself into your clients’ shoes, you begin to realize what they want.

Where do these statements show up on your list building page? Simple. Since a squeeze page can be as simple as a headline, 3-5 bullet points, and an opt-in box, use these benefit statements as your bullet points. Voila! You have a benefit-driven squeeze page. Now, go out there and drive traffic to it!

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