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It’s time for a career change, but to what? Affiliate Management is definitely the way to go! It is a growing and exciting career. It requires a combination of skills such as organization, creativity and leadership to work together in harmony. Best of all, it is a highly sought after position. A successful Affiliate Manager can create an enormous income stream for an internet business or offline companies and are handsomely rewarded. The top 3 benefits of being an Affiliate Manager are income level, networking and hiring demand both in internet business and offline.

Normally, affiliate managers get a base pay plus incentive income based upon performance. They usually get a bulk monthly payment, retainer, or base salary. Typically, the monthly base payment will range between $2,000-$5,000. Then, they also get paid a pre-determined percentage, usually 5%-10% for every sale that is generated through the affiliate program as a result of their efforts. As an affiliate program grows and gets bigger, it can become highly financially rewarding for both the affiliate, affiliate manager and the owner of the internet business or an offline company. This payment structure allows for the affiliate manager to have the best of both financial worlds; security from a base and increased financial opportunity due to performance.

As in most industries, including internet business, a quick way to climb the latter of success is to get in with the big dogs! It is important and beneficial to meet and network with lots of powerful people. The pure nature of affiliate management does exactly this. To run a successful affiliate program, it is required that the individual work closely with affiliate; those who own their own businesses. Many times, affiliates are already making sales which, prequalifies them as being someone with a level influence and success. As with any business, one’s success is often times related to the people you know, can learn from and are influenced by.

Affiliate management is not just a position in internet business. It is becoming increasingly popular in the offline world due to the revenue generating power of the system. Most large offline companies have affiliate programs and need skilled affiliate managers. Take a look at or other job posting/seeking sites and you will see that companies are posting jobs and hiring affiliate managers all of the time. It is a position that is in high demand right now, both in internet business and offline.

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