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 In past articles, we talked about how to write articles: How to come up with a good title, how to come up with a topic, and how to write a good, focused article. But we never, maybe not even once, talked about what to do with them once they’re written. Welllll….

Once you’re finished writing your article, it’s time to re-write your article. What? Yes. You need to completely re-write your article, paragraph by paragraph, completely, and you need to rewrite it not once, but two times. Just take your first paragraph and think of another way to write it. Here’s what I mean:

List building is the core process when it comes to Internet Marketing. Without a list, you won’t make any money. It’s that simple! You need to create a list of customers who will get to know and respect you, customers who will buy the products you recommend because they know if you recommended them, they work. And you have to be that person. You have to test everything you sell.

Now, let’s rewrite that paragraph, like this:

The main activity for anyone interested in making a living from Internet Marketing should be list building. If you plan to make money, you have to have a list of people who trust you. You spend time, helping them to know you. Then, when you have a product you really believe in, you sell it to them. They trust you enough to know you wouldn’t steer them wrong, and you make money. And that has to be the case. You have to test everything you ask someone else to buy.

The second paragraph basically says the same thing as the first, but with different words. Then, you should just take the whole paragraph and rewrite it again. You can do this as you write the article, but I suggest doing it after the article is complete. If you can pane the windows, side-by-side it will be easier for you.

Why do you want to do this?

Because the search engines don’t like duplicate content. When you put an article on your site or your blog, and then distribute the same article to scads of directories, what happens? You have tons and tons of duplicate content floating around out there. You won’t get credit, SEO-wise because only one site will get credit for having the article, and it may not be you.

To get around that issue, rewrite your article twice. Submit one article to your site or blog, one article to Ezine Articldes or another high-traffic articles site and the third version to a distribution site like iSnare. That way, you’ll get maximum benefit from one article.

Writing articles is great for exposure and it will still get you clicks and traffic from all the sites it’s on. So, it’s up to you. If you want the most benefit, rewrite the article twice. If you want to, when distributing, you can change the paragraphs around and have new articles from those. For instance, use paragraph 1 from article 1, then paragraph 2 from article 2, and so on. Or, use paragraph 1 from article 3 and paragraph 2 from article 1 and keep doing the same thing. You’ll have a lot of articles, and they’ll all be different. They will all be sending traffic back to your list building page all the time. How great is that?

You will reach a threshold, where the articles become too much the same, so check them out over at, and be sure that your articles are at least 35% different from ones you’ve uploaded before.

Getting the maximum benefit from one written work is the object here. You could start out with a whole new idea and a new article, sure, but you have to come up with a new topic, and start all over. It’s much easier just to rewrite and make one article as useful as it can possibly be. 

Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder and well-known for his List Building Club. Tellman teaches students how to build a successful online business. Create your successful business from his step-by-step videos at:

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