Register for this call ASAP – Filsaime / Tellman / TrafficFusion

Hey Everyone

As you can tell, the BUZZ about
TrafficFusion is getting crazy.

Mike Filsaime has been “called out”
by Tellman Knudson to get on a call!

Tellman says he has been doing Integration
Marketing that he too learned from Mark
Joyner and has asked Mike to put his money
where his mouth is.

Tellman wanted to see if Mike’s HyperJava
software being sold in TrafficFusion was
the real deal or a pile of crap.

Tellman has been testing it for the last 7
days and will announce his results on the
call with Filsaime

Tellman states that if it is garbage, he will
announce it as such on the call.

Mike has a lot on the line here. If his
software is everything he says it is,
Tellman will give the world the results
and we will all find out.

Mike also says that he will explain more
about Traffic Fusion and will grill
Tellman on how he has used Integration
Marketing in his business and there
will be a LOT to learn.

****** Mike says there will also be a ********

VERY SPECIAL suprise guest. Your jaw
will drop and you will be rendered
speachless when you hear who says “Hello”
on the call!

And last but not least, Mike will be
revealing the price only to those that
attend the call. Yes, you read that right.
The price will be made public on the call.

The call is on:

Day: Monday

Date: Sept 15th

Time: 8PM EST
This is one day before the launch.



Talk Soon,



Remember, this call will not be recorded for
playback purposes becuase the site goes live
just hours after the call. So make sure to
register now to learn more from these 2 great



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