Disabled Veterans Teleseminar | What Kind of Resale Rights Did I Buy?

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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Some people buy resale rights products and are convinced that all are created equally. That’s definitely not the case. There are different types of resale rights products, and if you’re going to work with resale rights, it’s a good idea to know what types there are.

First you have straight resale rights. That means you have bought the right to sell the product to someone else. You may have bought the right along with the product or you may have purchase the product and the resale rights separately. But the only right you have, legally, is to sell the same product to someone else, as is. You can’t alter the product or change it in any way.

So, how is this different from an affiliate product? A resale rights product requires you to set up your own website to sell the product, whereas an affiliate product generally gives you a link to their website, which indicates that you sold the product. With an affiliate product, you only get a commission on the sale. With a resale rights product, you get to keep all the money from the sale.

Master resale rights means that you bought the product and the right to sell it to other people, but you have the added right of selling it to another businessperson, who will then go out and sell the product on their own. You sell them the right to do that or as with resale rights, you give master resale rights to people as part of the purchase price when they buy the product. In each case–you the seller of the master resale rights and the person who bought resale rights from you–the party keeps all the money from any sales made. Yet, again, you can’t make any changes to the product itself. You have to sell it “as is.”

Private Label Rights are usually the strongest rights you can buy. They allow you to make any alteratios you wish to a product and to sell the altered product to other people and keep all the money. Private label rights may also include Master Resale Rights, as well.

Public Domain Rights is a special kind of resale right because it is contingent on the copyright laws at the time the work was created. Copyright on any intellectual property, such as books, ebooks, software, etc., reverts to the public domain after the author’s death plus a number of years. The amount of time varies with the date the work was created. To be sure that a work is in the public domain, it’s best to consult a legal professional because the law varies so much. However, with public domain properties, you can resell them without paying for the product because it’s in the public domain.

Each of these rights agreements is different, so if you buy a resale rights product, you should check the agreement carefully to decide what rights you own. Not all resale rights, master resale rights, or private label rights are identical. For example, some creators will allow you to sell the product, but not give it away. Some may not allow you to sell it in an auction site. You must be aware of the exact rights you have before trying to sell the product. Be sure you’re within the agreement and within the law.

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 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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