Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series | What About PLR eBooks?

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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With the way the economy is going in 2009, lots of people are looking to make money any way they can. Usually, the same folks either have a job already or are interested in becoming their own boss and many of them would rather be working from home. If you’re one of those folks, or if you’re just interested in earning a little extra cash, then you may have thought about creating and selling ebooks.

Ebooks are rapidly increasing in popularity and over the last few years are getting to the mainstream reader. People find ebooks easy to buy and less expensive than the paper counterparts, and though there are plenty of die-hard paper book fans, ebooks are fast becoming a good alternative. Because of this, ebooks are making lots of money these days. If you can create your own ebook, you’ll have to do some hard work first.

Creating an ebook is almost as difficult as creating a paper book, though ebooks generally tend to be shorter–usually around 100 pages or less, however some are longer. Writing any book of that length can take a long time. You also need to have a talent for writing. You might sucker people into buying an ebook with a good headline once, but if written poorly, they’ll remember the name on the cover and shy away from buying from you again. Plus, you need specialized knowledge in your topic. People expect to find interesting tidbits that they can use to help whatever problem they’re trying to solve and the reason they bought your book in the first place.

But aside from the creation of the ebook, you need to be able to sell it. Just the marketing alone can take a long time. You have to create the optin page, the sales letter, the autoresponder emails, and so on, and the amount of work involved just turns some people off. There is an alternative…

Buy a Private Resale Rights ebook. Generally, these ebooks are well written, but with private label rights, you have the right to change the manuscript in any way you’d like and to put your name on the cover as the author. You don’t have to create your own sales materials, either. Really good resale rights packages come with autoresponder messages that you can use, the sales letter, and sometimes, even the optin page.

Yet, these complete storefronts aren’t free. It depends on the source of your Private Label Rights website, but they can be very reasonable to very expensive. Yet, you have to weigh the time it takes to prepare all the material against the cost of the product. Is it worth your time?

When thinking about creating an ebook to sell, weigh all the options. Ebooks can become a lucrative business for you, or a total waste of time. Check into private label rights, when considering your project to see what course of action is best for you.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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