Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series | List Building: How to Say, “Thank You”

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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One of the three main parts of your list building page will obviously be your opt-in box, with the headline and copy making up the other two. But what happens after the fact. Once someone signs up for your list, when they click that “Instant Access” button at the bottom of the page, where do you take them?

Many people allow their autoresponder to decide, and use a generic, “Thank you for signing up, you must confirm…” yadda, yadda. Bad idea. Nobody looks at those pages. Unless… you make them interesting. There are different ways that you can increase your list building efforts by the thousands.

Of course, you should use the thank you page as your sales page for your own product or program,if you have one, but let’s say that you’re list building without your own deal. Then what?

One way to do that is by giving your subscribers an offer to buy someone else’s product. Or, perhaps you want to offer them a bundle of software that you own resale rights to for a super, one-time only price. Just remember that when you’re list building and that’s your primary objective, you should also be creating a relationship with the people on your list. You have to be able to stand behind whatever program or product you offer them. Be sure you’ve tried the program or product yourself first and know that it works. Otherwise, your list building efforts could fall flat.

Here’s the scenario: Jack signs up for your list. He clicks the submit button and the next page that appears is a sales letter for an affiliate product you want to sell because it has a big commission. You’ve never tried it, but it’s the commission and the sale that counts, right? So, Jack buys the product. He installs it on his computer and it crashes. It not only crashes, but it’s so bad a crash that he has to take it down to the local Geek Squad to have it repaired!

Do you really think you’ll sell anything to Jack again? I highly doubt it. And what happens when someone asks Jack about you? What do you think Jack will say, “Oh, yeah… I joined that list. Whatever you do, stay away from it. My whole computer crashed with that piece of junk software he sold me for $197, and it cost me $200 to fix it. I’m out close to $400!” Whoa. Bad word-of-mouth will kill you, but good viral marketing can make you rich.

You must have a product you can stand behind. So, let’s say you’ve found one, and you like it so much, in fact, that you want to sell it to everyone you meet. Make that product sales page your thank you page.

So, then what happens? Jack gets this great book or piece of software that he can use again and again and it just helps him to keep his business moving forward. He loves you! Jack is so eager to share this great product with his business acquaintances, he actually tells people how awesome being on your list is and encourages other people to join. Imagine. If Jack tells just 5 people and they join and each of them tells 5 people, not you have 26 people that joined from Jack’s single click, right? And it can go on and on like that forever. But you have to make people happy.

The moral here is that if you’re list building, don’t neglect that thank you page that people see after your list building page. You can use it to make money, sure, but you can also use it to further the relationship you have with your list. When all of that happens, when you’ve worked out the marketing to its optimal advantage, then you’ll be list building on rocket fuel.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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