Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series | List Building: Developing Awesome Squeeze Pages

 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

Rick Burdo Here!

A Proud American

 would like to Say,

Thank You

To All Our Veterans.

God Bless USA.


 A squeeze page or an opt-in page is one that you drive traffic to, with the aim of getting visitor’s name and email address, optimally in exchange for something of value. Use squeeze pages to build a strong, responsive list of people who are interested in physical fitness. That way you’ll have a list of clients interested in your offer of personal training, nutrition, or whatever it is you’re into..

The first and most important thing about any squeeze page you design to build your list is testing. Even testing two different headlines can make all the difference in the world. Start split-testing your squeeze pages and you can do that with easily with something like Marketing Makeover Generator, or if you have 1ShoppingCart or AWeber, you can use their split testing tools that are available. You can also use something like Ad Trackz. It’s very inexpensive and it’s great software. It’s fairly easy to learn how to use if you’re willing to put a little bit of time into studying it.

The second thing is that you need to use a few bullet points, like five or seven at the most, and make your bullet points short statements, not paragraphs or sentences. Each bullet point should point out one benefit of signing up for your product, service, or giveaway. The closer your bullets are together, the better you’ll do and the quicker people are going to be able to read them. So, don’t leave space between bullets. In other words, be sure to single-space each one. If you’re writing in HTML, don’t allow each bullet point to be a <p> (paragraph). Use the <p> to start, then use the <li> or list tag for each point. Close the entire list with </p>. If you’re writing XHTML, be sure to close each list tag, too, with </li>.

Third, design your page so viewers have to scroll down as little as possible. Let it be “above the fold.” Try to put it all right there–in their face! You don’t want visitors to have to move around looking for information. The easier you make it for them to sign-up for your list, the more likely it is that they will.

Some experts say that audio increases conversion, but audio works for some and not others. Maybe it’s because people like a soothing voice and it works for them, whereas it won’t work for people with squeaky voices. But with audio, there are all sorts of possibilities. If you have some type of quote on your page, for example, you could turn that into an auto play button, and do a split test it to see if audio will increase or decrease your conversion.

Then, on your opt-in button use something that will get people to click, like “Free Instant Access,” for instance. Test it, too.

But remember, test only one element of a page at a time. If you test all of them at the same time, you won’t know what worked and what didn’t. Change your headline and test the one you have now with the new one. Test the wording on your opt-in button, test putting a picture on the page with leaving the picture off the page. (If you’re going to use a picture, make sure it’s crisp and very tight-looking.) Test everything, but only test one thing at a time.

Even joining the Better Business Bureau may make a difference. Your opt-in rates might improve if you have a Better Business Bureau logo on your site, but never use things like this unless you’re actually a member.

The point is that there is no right way and no wrong way to go about doing things. Some aspects of a squeeze page are proven to work, such as formatting and size, but all other factors are out there waiting to be tested. Find the best possible squeeze page through trial and error, and when you have something that works, keep testing, until you feel that you’re all tested out, that you’ve squeezed every ounce of squeeze out of that page that you can. Then, let it work for you.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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