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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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 One of the most important pages in Internet marketing is the squeeze page because it is the main way to build your list. Since your list is your Internet marketing business’s most valuable asset, this makes learning to build a squeeze page very important.

You shouldn’t be afraid of them. Squeeze pages aren’t rocket science. A simple one includes a rockin’ headline, three to five bullet points, an opt-in box and some kind of image. Or, maybe not…

You need to test everything. Test a graphic against no graphic to learn what works best. If you use a person for your image, then you may want to show more than one because people are just more attracted to other people. Group images might work out very well for you.

But we’re all so inundated with advertising, day after day, that we respond to all kinds of images. For example, did you know that women’s images out pull images of men? If you use a woman, make her prominent on the page, and be sure to test it.

Most of my squeeze pages are set up with the headline, bullets, image, opt-in box system. But, if you look at ListCrusade.com, you’ll see that there is no image and my name isn’t anywhere on the page. I asked Jay Abraham to allow me to use his signature, and it worked out very well, better than I imagined it would.

What am I saying? Though I’ve often given people the guidelines for building squeeze pages, there’s no way that I can say, “This is the perfect squeeze page.” No one knows what works and what doesn’t, until they test. Nothing in Internet marketing should be so solid that it doesn’t allow for testing. But test your headline first. If you try to test more than one thing, you’ll never know what worked and what didn’t. Just do some simple A/B split testing for now. When you have more experience, try Google’s Website Optimizer, which allows you to test many different elements at a time.

But here’s the deal: Your image might be very important to your squeeze page. But it may not. If you use an image, you want it to be a group of people or you may want to feature a woman prominently, but test it. You won’t know until you do. And keep testing. It’s the only way to assure that you’ll have optimal results from any page you build.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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