Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series | Bonus Traffic: What to Use?

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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When Talking about bonus traffic, think of that bonus kind of like a free sample, okay? There are lots of ways you can spin it. So you walk into a grocery store, your intent is to buy some orange juice, but they happen to have a little cart set up giving away free samples of Vermont Cheddar Cheese. You decide to try some cheddar cheese on the way to the orange juice. It’s good, so what do you do?

You buy a block of the cheese!

Does everybody that tries the cheese buy a block of the cheese? No, actually a very small percentage does, but it’s a very small percentage that wouldn’t have bought that cheese had the cart not been there. That’s why grocery stores still give away free samples and they do it all the time, right?

Proven model.

We’re just talking about doing exactly the same thing on the Internet. You give a sample of your product as a bonus for someone else’s product. What’s the relationship? The relationship in the grocery store case is food. Let me give you another example of a relationship, a little bit different. This is an interesting example of a relationship:

I was in Arizona a few days ago and I went into a Whole Foods, natural food grocery store to get some food, and I noticed something brilliant. They had an Earth Shoes display. What’s the most expensive item you can usually pick up in a grocery store? $40 to $50, right? You know what I mean? And we’re talking about a supplement or a type of medicine or something like that usually, right?

Well, these are $127.00, $150.00 shoes on display in a grocery store. It was genius. I’d never seen something that expensive, not to mention having multiple versions available in a grocery store before. What’s the connection? Earth friendly, all natural.

It was great. It was absolutely awesome. I was stunned. It was just the coolest thing, ever. So now did they offer a bonus? No, they didn’t, but they still put their offer in front of the right types of people in a contextual way that made sense. If they had been selling combustion engines instead of Earth Shoes it probably wouldn’t have made sense. They probably aren’t gong to sell a lot of combustion engines inside of a whole food store.

Right. So you have to think it through. When you’re offering a bonus, think about the relationship between what the product you want to integrate your bonus with. Is it compatible? If you can’t come up with a connection, you should probably think of another product, or create a different bonus.

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 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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