Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Series | List-Building: It’s All About Maintenance

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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Once you get your squeeze page made and the sales copy written, or whatever, however you’re going to do this, you need to focus on getting as many people to your page as you possibly can that are related to the topic.

Then, focus on building a bond, building a connection with your subscribers. Do this by writing to them every day or at least a few times a week. Once you have 500 to 1,000 subscribers, survey your list. Run an ASK campaign. This is key to deciding what product to choose or to produce yourself.

I don’t just come up with an idea and roll a product out. I survey my list, look at the data that my list tells me, which inspires me to come up with an idea, and then I roll the product out. It’s not hard to do. Go over to Survey Monkey at http://surveymonkey.com or to the ASK Database, which you can get to through http://listcrusade.com/ask and sign up for one of those services.

But you can set-up additional squeeze pages for people to register for things like teleseminars, or selling them list-specific, additional products. Basically, the point of having multiple lists is so you can target that individual list much more effectively. That’s the purpose of segmenting, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on it if your list is less than 500 people. In fact, you might wait until you have at least several thousand subscribers. A smaller list will give you some feedback, but they won’t give you enough to really tell you what the greater market is looking for.

Then, use the answers you get back for several things. You can use them to find products to sell at ClickBank. It’s not hard, once you know what your audience is looking for. Or, use the responses to write articles. What problems is your list experiencing, and how can you help them?

Keeping in touch with your list and finding out what they need and want are HUGE when it comes to successful list building. Once you know what those things are, everything else is simple.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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