Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Series | List Building: 14 Ways to Get More List

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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Since list building is so important to your business, you have to think about getting people onto your list in creative ways. Opt-in boxes aren’t the only way to get people onto your list, either. Here are some ways to acquire new list members–some, you have undoubtedly thought about, and some you probably haven’t:

Your homepage: That’s a no-brainer. You should most definitely be list building on your homepage, and where should your opt-in box be? At the top.

Your blog: Yep. You can add an opt-in box to the template of your blog and be list building from your blog, too. Again, be sure it’s at the top.

MySpace: Certainly. You can put an opt-in box into your profile there. No problem.

Squidoo: Well, you can’t put the code for your opt-in box, but you can put a blurb at the end of your profile with the email address of your autoresponder.

Forum posts: Use your autoresponder email address in your signature–“Get weekly tips on [your niche] at mynewsletter@myautoresponder.com“.

Articles: Use your squeeze page URL in your author’s resource box.

Business cards: Get your printer to print on the back of your card, too, and advertise your list email there.

Flyers: Put them in local grocery stores, libraries, or anywhere there’s a public bulletin board in your town. Make those tear away strips at the bottom so people can just rip off the address to your autoresponder.

EBay: Advertise your newsletter or ezine there. Charge a buck or two for a lifetime subscription and make some money in the meantime.

Video: Make a video and discuss some aspect of what your list is about. Make it funny and you’ll get tons of traffic. Be sure to include your autoresponder email address, plugged in right on top of your images. If this is a little too tricky for you, get someone else to do it for you.

Amazon.com: Buy a sponsored link, which is basically pay-per-click, in categories that match your list.

Banner: Make a banner for your list and advertise that in a banner exchange.

Press Releases: Write a press release about your newsletter or ezine.

Ezine Advertising: Run an ad in an ezine. Classified ads are inexpensive. Sponsor ads work better, and solo ads, though the most expensive, work best. Run an ad, sending people to your squeeze page.

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 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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