Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Series | Getting into Video Will Really Pay Off

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

Rick Burdo Here!

A Proud Disabled Veteran

that is Honor to Serve this

Great Country of Ours.

 I Say, Thank You

To All Our Veterans.

God Bless America


Are you into using video yet? If not, and you’re well on your way with blogging, it’s time!

There are several reasons. First, you don’t have to make your own videos. Finding a video in your niche and adding it to your blog is a great way to add content and not have to think too much about it. Here’s how to embed video in your blog, if you grab it from YouTube, for example.

1. You go to the video page, and on the right hand side, as the video is playing, you’ll see a line of code in a box, and above it says, “Embed.”
2. Next to that box is a blue wheel icon… Click on it.
3. Unselect the box that says, “Include Related Videos”
4. Choose your player color and size
5. Copy the embed code in the box above and put it into a plain text editor like Notepad (Don’t use Word. It does creepy stuff when you try to translate to HTML.)
6. Go to your WordPress blog dashboard.
7. Click on the Write tab
8. Give your entry a headline and write whatever introduction you want for the video into the blank.
9. Above the writing pane, you’ll see a tab that says “HTML.” Click on it.
10. Under the introduction you just wrote, type in <center>
11. Paste in the code you copied at YouTube.
12. Directly after it, type in </center>
13. Go back to the writing pane and click “Save and continue editing.”
14. When the page refreshes, you won’t see the video in the writing pane, so DON’T FREAK OUT!
15. Click on Preview
16. You’ll see that the video is indeed working and you can give just a little shout of victory!

Adding video is very cool and easy to do, and there are plenty of sites to get it from–Google Video, Blip TV, Daily Motion, Viddler, Vimeo, and so on. Just look for the embed code for the video and do what I mentioned in steps 6 – 16 above.

If you make your own videos, it’s not that different to get it into your blog, you just have to store the video on your own server, create your own code, and embed a player. It’s much easier to upload to a video directory site and let them do all the work, plus save space on your hosting account.

But get into video. Seriously. If you don’t, you’ll be left behind.

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 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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