Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Series | Ezine Advertising: What Makes a Good Ad?

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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When you are looking at advertising in ezines, you want to be able to know if your ad is any good, right? Well, truth is you can get really good at ads over time and still not be 100% sure your ad is going to work…so you are going to want to test and track your ads.

Good ezine ads generally do have some things in common…use these as a jumping off point.

Elements of a good ezine ad:

Think of the headline as an ad for your ad! The headline sells the person on reading the rest of the ad. It should grab their attention–don’t just pull the first sentence from your content! The tone should be excited, but don’t overdo it. In other words don’t hype it up and have lots exclamation points. In the headline be sure to include a major benefit to your customer.

The goal of the body of the ad is to get people interested enough to want to learn more about your product or service. This is the area where you want to stress the benefits to the reader…how will having your product or service make their life better?

Get to your main point right away–the benefit–in the top of the ad, don’t wait until later.

So if I’m writing a 300 word ad, for example, the first paragraph is going to cover everything I really want the reader to know.

Don’t have your call to action be the first thing they see! With a longer ad, don’t even have your link in the first paragraph. Let them absorb the benefits first…when they are wanting to know more, then you put in the call to action!

So in that 300 word ad example, I might not have my first link until the 3rd paragraph…I would at least wait until the 2nd paragraph.

Did the ad make me money?

Quick reality check–and philosophy point–when you are evaluating if an ad made you money… sure you want to make a profit on every ad…don’t expect a huge profit every time.

If you make $20 more than you spent on an ad then it worked. Sometimes you’ll hit a homerun, spend $100 and make $5000, but be happy with a profit of even $20 and then learn to boost that to $60 and then $100 and so on.

Sometimes I don’t mind if it looks like I lost money on an ad–because my goal was to get subscribers, not make money. So if I’m looking to grow my list and know that with a good, targeted list I will make money down the road, then the short-term profits aren’t that important.

Test and track

Start testing your ads from the very beginning. Track the ezine, keywords, type of ad, what you paid and what you made… test and track <b>everything –that way you can get better and better.

If you just try things without tracking you are just throwing your money away because you won’t be able to judge what worked!

Bottom line: remember the ad is selling the click–not your product! Give the reader factual, interesting, useful information…but not all of it. Get them to the website! A good ad either makes you money or grows your list…and you make more money by tracking your results and learning from every ad you place.

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 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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