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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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What’s a killer offer?

It’ something that people can’t resist. Something that they’re so absorbed in already that they can’t wait to click the button and take you up on whatever it is you’re offering. It’s your income.

So, how do you make that kind of offer?

Look at the body of your messages. Are they interesting? Do you give out any kind of information? Are you helping the people on your list?

If not, you should be. You should be solving some kind of problem that most of the people in your niche have at one time or another. Let’s look at ADD, for instance, which is something else I’m involved in. People with ADD have a hard time getting things organized sometimes. What if I solved their problem by telling them how I solved my own? What if a piece of software that I use is really, really great, and it solved my organizational problems, so I tell them a story about me, and then, I tell them how I solved the problem, right?

So, then what’s your offer? That piece of software, right? I mean, if that software works for me and the people on my list liked my story enough to read through it, don’t you think they would want that software, too? Nothing is better than viral advertising, when one person tells another person about something. If the people on my ADD list trust me, they’re going to want that software, too. I’m telling them how to solve their problem, and offering a tool to do it with. That’s a good offer.

Or, what if you’re on my list, and I send you information about submitting articles to send traffic and links to your site and how it’s a great way of getting free traffic. And what if I did it so well, that you were really hot to start writing and submitting articles. If I offered you a product that did this automatically for you, would you be interested in it? You probably would.

That’s the key. Get your audience excited about solving some problem, and then provide the means to do it. It’s pretty simple, actually. If you want a responsive audience, that’s what needs to happen. People won’t stay on your list if they don’t get something from doing that. If you send out a broadcast message and at the end of it, you’re pitching a seminar or a product, you still need to tell them a good story that shows them how a problem was solved.

Make one up!

I mean, don’t use false data or facts about important things, but how important is it that you didn’t have an Uncle Fred? Details like that are just storytelling. What needs to be true are the facts about what you want to sell. You must have tried whatever the product is and it has to work well. Don’t give false stats or testimonials. Be completely honest and above board in everything you do, but a bit of good old-fashioned storytelling really draws people into your messages.

This is it, how it works: If you give people a solution to a problem they’re having and provide a product that furthers that solution, , you’ll make as much money as you want to make and more.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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