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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

Rick Burdo Here!

A Proud American

 would like to Say,

Thank You

To All Our Veterans.

God Bless USA.


The cool part about that was that they were recorded, they were short—30 to 45 minutes—and they were going to go up on a webpage, and so, I still have people joining my list and listening to those calls at ListCrusade.com (http://listcrusade.com). The downside was that, though you have a recording of that, there was no urgency for anyone to take action, to buy anything during a recorded call. Still, to get to the calls, they had to join my list.

But a low conversion rate is the case with most recorded calls. There is very little urgency. Why would someone do a call, record it, and then just make that recording available as a primary marketing tool? It’s not a primary marketing tool. It is a backup strategy that you can use to generate more sales and get more people on your list.

Very rarely will a recorded call generate as many sales as a live call will, in my experience. The other thing is that in a live call, you can easily get away with 60 to 90 minutes. It’s pretty hard to keep someone’s attention that long on a recording on a webpage.

Finally, with teleseminars I get to do them live, get people on the calls, and move forward. The way that I did it before, I spent weeks doing the recordings before I was able to start making any money, and though they helped me to build a huge list, nothing happened until all the information for the first call was in place. There was the recording, the squeeze page, and I was doing most of this myself. Nothing happens overnight, not online or off.

But the calls are still viable. It’s free content. It’s great content. You learn a lot of good stuff from the recordings at ListCrusade. You can rely on them and it’s not very surprising. I generate some money from those recorded calls that are half-an-hour long that get delivered to people’s inboxes, but I don’t generate a lot. Still, by that time, they are on my list. So, they definitely have value.

I generate a lot more money and many more people join my list from teleseminars. All in all, teleseminars are great because you can do them live, you can make immediate money with them, you can build a list for them very easily for an event, and you can organize them one at a time versus having to have a whole autoresponder series ready when people join your newsletter or ezine.

Does that make sense?

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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