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Internet Marketing Means Following the Leader

When people first come online, they get the idea that they need to have a product to sell. That’s just not true. Not only is it not true, but it’s silly. If you have no presence online, if you have no list of loyal followers, who will you sell your product to?

You really shouldn’t be creating a product until you’ve made your first $100,000 online. Affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products takes a lot of the burden of having your own product away from you. You don’t have to do customer support. You don’t have to worry about setting up a merchant account, collecting the money, or refunds or cancellations. You don’t have to do anything besides sell that product and collect a commission.

Find a System

Another mistake that new marketers make is that they try to follow everyone. They sign up for a hundred differnet lists and are bombarded with emails every day, asking them to buy this thing or that. And it’s confusing! The truth is they really aren’t ready for much of what comes their way. They don’t yet have the skills to implement what the gurus are selling.

The best thing to do is to find someone who has message you can relate to, someone you like and trust. Then, you need to unsubscribe from everyone else’s list and pay attention to only that one person. Follow him or her blindly. Just take their system, whatever that is, and follow it to the letter. Don’t change anything, don’t make any substitutions, and you’ll succeed.


Because the system is proven to work. If you follow a proven system blindly, a system that has worked before, you will make progress and you will succeed. But you have to follow that system to the letter.

The last ingredient is you. Nothing happens unless you take action and actually DO what the guru tells you to do in his or her course. You can buy all of the information materials in the world, but until you get off your butt and follow just ONE system, you’ll never realize those dreams that live in the back of your mind… ever.

So, do it! Your first steps should be easy to follow, and take you from step one to finish. You can do that in the ListBuilding Club. We teach you how to set up a solid lead generation system from buying your first domain to more advanced tactics for more advanced marketers to personal coaching. Come and see us at http://ListFormula.com and become a member today!

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