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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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Email is One of the Best Internet Marketing Tools

Some people criticize me for emailing my list as often as I do. Maybe they are right, but hey-it works for me! I have major conversions and a super loyal list of subscribers…so maybe, just maybe, I know what I’m doing! I believe email is one of the best internet marketing tools around!

So yes, I email my readers a lot. I like to keep in constant contact with them…and since I consistently have some of the highest response rates from my lists I will continue to email my list–even every day-whether other “experts” think it is right or not!

There is an important point to why this works for me and if you will want to follow this too. You are not going to give your list a straight sales pitch…99% of the time you won’t. Some people are good at that kind of email…but that’s not what I focus on.

Instead, I recommend you focus your time, effort and energy on giving your list content, content and more content. At the same time, every time you give them content you ask for some sort of sale at the end. I say “some sort of sale” because you may not be asking them to literally buy something…you may want them to go watch a video, or check out some cool free tool you just learned about…whatever. Even thought there isn’t a dollar exchanged it is still a “sale”…or it is also called a “call to action.”

My list is responsive because I give them lots of excellent content in my emails-for free. That helps build trust. My subscribers know they will learn a lot from me…and anyone I recommend. And they will be thinking, in the back of their minds, if he gives away such good stuff for free, the stuff I pay for will be even better.

Look, there are plenty of places people can go to get information. They can go to the library. They can go to a local expert. And of course they can search online. More and more people are getting more and more of their information from the internet…but it is not always easy to know what information you can really rely on.

So your goal, as an internet marketer is to be that resource…if you are in the quilting niche, be the best source of information on quilting. You may not start out as the best…but have that as your goal!

Refer your subscribers to other resources when it is appropriate. You can do that through your emails…you can say “Hey, I was just at QuiltExpoXYZ and I met Sue Smith who was demonstrating this incredible quilting technique, and I think you will really like to learn more about it…”

We normally think of great internet marketing tools as ones that make you money…well, you might not make a dime off that email referral in terms of actual dollars…at least not right away. What you will earn is customer trust and loyalty. And that will have a much bigger impact on your bottom line in the long run than a couple of sales today!

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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