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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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So, often, I”m asked about finding products for niche marketing. Internet marketing type information products are everywhere, but when thinking about a specific niche, people often get confused.

So…Let”s say you”re in the cooking niche.


I”m doing a couple of things here; let me just see. I don”t know if there”s an affiliate program on this or not, but the first place I”d like you to go to is www.Chitterlings.com. You can also do a search online for the name “Willie Crawford,” the plus sign, and write “cookbook.”

Here”s the deal. Willie Crawford is actually an absolutely interstellar Internet marketer, but he started selling a cookbook online, a digital cookbook. I couldn”t remember the name of the cookbook, so while we were talking here, I just typed in “Willie Crawford +cookbook,” and this is the first site that I saw.

It”s clearly a very old site, because Willie”s sites are much tighter these days. However, I would suggest that this is probably still selling every day. Anyway, you can go check it out, and that might be a place to start. Willie Crawford”s a great guy.

In the meantime, I”m going to give you several options right now. The first option I”m going to give you is the big option. This is the “teach a man to fish” option, versus “give a man a fish.” With the “teach a man to fish,” what you want to do is you want to type in the word “cookbook,” then a space, then the plus sign, and then the word “affiliate.”

Here”s why you want to type that into Google. The reason you want to do that is you”re looking for pages on the Internet that have the words “cookbook” and “affiliate” on the same page. Why? Because chances are pretty good that it”s going to say, Join our affiliate program, or Affiliates, click here, or something along those lines.

That”s going to give you instant access to pages on the Internet that have affiliate programs and the word “cookbook” on the same page. There”s a good chance, maybe, that what they”re selling is a cookbook. You could also use the word “recipes.” You could also use the word “cooking.”

There are a lot of options. There is another site, and I can”t even remember who owns this site, but it”s called www.RestaurantOwner.com. It”s a membership site. I don”t know if they have an affiliate program or not, but I bet they do.

It”s a very, very cool site and, as I understand it, quite profitable. You can use words that relate to the type of list that you”re trying to build.

If you”re looking for people with affiliate programs or products with affiliate programs, you can go straight there. The other thing that you can think about is who you are really trying to market to. If you”re just going to be selling ebooks or whatever, that”s fine.

If you”re going to be doing a big teleseminar series, and you need expensive home-study courses and that kind of stuff, you might want to market it more in the business arena as it relates to cooking or recipes, such as how to have a seven-figure restaurant, and that kind of stuff. For now, you”re just focused on List Building Club, right?

This whole process works for any niche. Try it in yours and see if you don”t find some very, very cool stuff out there.


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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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