Disabled Veterans Teleseminar | 7 Simple Secrets For Teleseminar Success

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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7 Simple Secrets For Teleseminar Succes

Holding teleseminars can be a very lucrative way to build your online business. Finding experts in your niche with big lists and high-ticket products can produce tens of thousands of dollars in just an hour’s time. But that’s really for the actual teleseminar. There is some preparation involved beforehand, but let’s assume you’re versed in the tech work. Let’s figure that you’re all set and ready to go.

Now, how do you get people on the calls?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve done countless teleseminars and that the attendance I get is usually high. Here’s the formula for making sure you get enough people on your calls to make them worthwhile:


  1. Write 5 emails to be sent out in the 5 days leading up to the calls.
  2. On the first four days before the call, send out the first four emails. Create suspense about what people will learn on the call, and remind them to sign up on a special squeeze page so that they can get notifications for the call.
  3. On the day of the call send another email to the people who haven’t signed up. Include a link where they can sign up, but also include the dial-in information.
  4. Also on the day of the call, send a message reminding people who have signed up for the call that the call will be that day, and provide the dial-in information. Remind them what the call is about and tell them why they want to be on it.
  5. Do a voice broadcast to the people who signed up, 10 minutes before the call begins. (To be able to do this, you need to include a field in your optin form for the telephone number.)
  6. After the call, send a message to the people who signed up for the call and give them the information about the replay.
  7. If the call converted well, send three consecutive messages to everyone on your list, starting the day after the call, telling people where they can go to hear the call.


Teleseminars are a very powerful lead generation tool that can also make lots of money for your business. If you want to learn more about setting them up, holding them, and getting people on the calls, you should join the ListBuilding Club. In our step-by-step video tutorials, we teach you all the ins and outs of Internet marketing. Visit http://ListFormula.com today and become a member!

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Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder and well-known for his List Building Club. Tellman teaches students how to build a successful online business. Create your successful business from his step-by-step videos at: https://www.sendaemailaday.com/lbc

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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