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 One of my personal coaching students asked me, “What exactly is relationship marketing and how can I use it to increase the responsiveness of my list?” Well, as I see it, when your subscriber or your customer knows who you are, and you know who your customer is, you know something about them, and you are then marketing via that relationship.

Now, in any business, in any interaction, there is a relationship of some sort, but it depends on whether you’re talking about a relationship in terms of comparing two things or how two things are connected, or if you’re talking about a relationship more like a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a family relationship.

There’s a certain depth that happens. When people refer to relationship marketing, generally they’re referring to something that has that emotional attachment to it above and beyond hype and just trying to sell crap. What I’m talking about is, when you go to a seminar, for example, and you meet one of your subscribers. You take them out to dinner and you find out the names of their pets. That’s relationship marketing. That’s an example. Now that was a fairly deep example, and you’re talking to people on a human level. One website that I’ve seen that uses relationship marketing in an astronomically effective way is

I’d like you to go to, and I’d like you to go to ‘Notes From the Universe.’ I’d like you to subscribe, and I would like you to fill out their long form that they have you fill out that has your birthday, your likes, your dislikes, what you’re working toward, all sorts of different things. You’ll get an email from them every day, and that email will tell you about your life.

It’s very powerful. That, for me, is relationship marketing. Then, I said to my student, “There is a big difference between a Coca-Cola billboard on the interstate and what we’re doing here right now. I mean, we’ve never met in person, right? Yet we talk at least once a week during Black Diamond Line. You were part of my Traffic Apprentice program where we talked more. You’ve done work for me and my company. I’ve referred business to you not only from my customers; I’ve referred business to you from my friends and my colleagues. That is relationship marketing. Do you see the difference?” Then, I asked him when the last time Coca-Cola sent any business his way. He understood the difference immediately.

You can communicate with your list in an automated way, too, but communicate to them in a way that really speaks to them as individuals. Not to just whatever you decided you want to sell, but actually going out of your way to find out what it is that they need, and then addressing it directly. You can do this in a very simple form of an ASK campaign. But what if you did an ASK campaign that tagged those questions that the individual asked or the survey that the individual took to that individual’s record, the name and the email address?

Now you know their favorite pet’s name, and you talk to them about their pet in their emails. Do you see how that works? It’s not initially that it ‘feels like’; you truly are talking directly to them. Now let me give you another example, okay? What if you ran people through a multiple-choice survey, where they had to put in their name and email, or where you carried over their name and email in their background because you used an HTML message or whatever? If you did something like that, could you say, “What’s your biggest challenge online: writing copy, building your list, driving traffic, finding a product, or understanding all the tech stuff?” They click on one and they enter their name and their email. You know that much more about them.

Here’s the thing: You should try stuff just to try stuff and see if it works. Some things will work better than you imagine. Some things definitely will not. Use the good things and try to find a bond with your audience. Relationship marketing and surveying your clients is very, very powerful.
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