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My students often ask me how to write great ads for co-registration, for Google AdWords, and so on.

I send them back in time. Many of the techniques that plain kick butt were working five to ten years before the Internet really came on for business. Even then, marketers were doing the same thing that we’re doing now, except they were using newspaper ads. And they were just as excited about them as we are about squeeze pages, pay-per-click, and ezine advertising.

It’s no different. Only the format has changed. They simply wrote their classified ads, and put them into newspapers with tracking codes. Like, they had a telephone number with different extensions that told them which papers and which ads were pulling customers in. Or, they’d have a secret word like “Batman” to use, or whatever. It was manual, but not much different from what we’re using today.

What I recommend that you do is number one, look at The Wizard of Ads by Roy H. Williams because it’s very, very cool, interesting stuff. Number two is study some of the old classified ads stuff. You can probably find it all over eBay for sale as people are cleaning out their garages. Focus on studying how to write good headlines because a classified ad is basically just a headline. That’s all you have room for.

You can only use a few words in a classified ad, so you really need a great headline with a simple call to action. Have a kick-butt headline? You win. You can also look back to some stuff written by Ted Nicholas or to the Robert Collier Letter Book. Keep focusing on the headlines. Also check out the late Gary Halbert’s website at, which you may already be acquainted with. All of the letters he ever wrote are there, and will continue to be there. Go and read one of those every single day. Gary published an ezine and those letters are basically issues of that. He wrote in a great and funky kind of way. He has tons of examples. Write and copy what he wrote to get the rhythm and feel of how to do it. Also look at Jay Abraham’s stuff. Some of his products are digital, and I actually JV with him on a few of them.

So there are lots of options for you, but what it comes down to is study headlines and classified ads. There are thousands of books out there about how to write kick-butt classified ads, which apply directly to co-registration ads, which apply directly to any kind of headline on any kind of page: squeeze page, sales page, whatever.

Clearly, when it comes to short ad copy, that’s a great direction to go. Those are some of the places I would start. The other way that you’ll probably get some really great results, is go pick up, and I’m not kidding, Star, go pick up the Enquirer, go pick up the Weekly World News this afternoon and read their headlines.When you’re talking short ad copy, those are the directions I’d go in. You can also go and pick up a couple of the tabloid newspapers, like The Star and The Enquirer. Really! Study their headlines.

I dare you, I just dare you, just for fun, to run those headlines as ads just to see the response you get. I don’t care if the product is targeted or not; spend $10 on it. I bet you’ll get a kick-butt response. Maybe I’m wrong. The other thing that you can look into is the most recent issue of Wired. Not only do they have kick-butt article titles and how they list all their sections and all their articles titles in the table of contents at the beginning of the magazine, but it’s also very cutting edge as far as technology is concerned, which really lends itself well to our market.

All of these methods will help to kick-start your brain. Try all of them. See if your response rates don’t improve fast!

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